After the Humiliation You Went Through, You Won’t Be the Parent to Give Your Kids These Cuts

These terrible hairstyles were the worst punishment we got from mom.

The ponytail seems innocent, until…

No hair, momma don’t care.

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Chongos… Lots of them.

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Oh, the top bun is always a mom go-to and some women never give up the chongo. Just ask J.Lo.

The nightmare of the bowl cut.

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Las trencitas.

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Trenzas were cool.

Mullet à la Pedrito Fernández.

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Nope, nope, nope.

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Yup, moms even did this to their daughters. So wrong.

Our brothers always had the classic, greased back do.

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So nerdy.

Then there was the hairstyle that proved mom just DGAF.

Los pelos parados with the fierce lineup.

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Mom thought you were never to young to get lined up. She wanted to make sure you were the freshest baby on the block. 

Mom’s Tres Flores dependency was no joke.

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But nothing took the cake like DIY bangs.

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