Mom’s Ways of Keeping Us Warm Were Pretty Ingenious

Not all of us grew up with the luxury of a heater at home. Luckily, mom knew how to turn just about anything into a heating device to keep her babies warm.

These were your “teddy bears” because they comforted you and kept you warm.

Mami knew nothing kept you more warm than cuddling with your siblings.


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Chocolate Abuelita was her version of warm milk.


On cold mornings she would iron your clothes before you woke up for school.

When your hands were cold, she’d warm them with tortillas fresh off the stove.


Your pajamas used to hang out on the radiator as you showered.

All towels went through the dryer to prevent you from getting the chills after the shower.

She always tucked you in like a burrito.

Beanies were the best defense against a head cold.


There were always at least four pairs of socks on the bed and you were expected to wear them all.


Caldo was a go-to during the hard winter months.


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