Mom’s Ways of Keeping Us Warm Were Pretty Ingenious

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Not all of us grew up with the luxury of a heater at home. Luckily, mom knew how to turn just about anything into a heating device to keep her babies warm.

These were your “teddy bears” because they comforted you and kept you warm.

And if you were really lucky, they had a soft, stuffed animal-like cover to make them extra cuddly.

Mami knew nothing kept you more warm than cuddling with your siblings.

Sure, this was great for keeping us warm at night, but it also took away all of my personal space.

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Chocolate Abuelita was her version of warm milk.

Some #chocolateabuelita and toasted #pandisal with light butter and a pinch of natural cane sugar for my baby's ?

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Add some pan con mantequilla and you can perfectly recreate my childhood during winter months.

On cold mornings she would iron your clothes before you woke up for school.

Esto es historia gente… Quiere hacer llover.. #planchando

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Nothing gave you more warm feelings than compares to slipping on a perfectly warm sweater to go under your massive down jacket.

When your hands were cold, she’d warm them with tortillas fresh off the stove.


It was the best. Everyone else can keep their mittens.

Your pajamas used to hang out on the radiator as you showered.

Nothing came between mami and making sure her babies were warm – not even a fire hazard.

All towels went through the dryer to prevent you from getting the chills after the shower.

Occupational therapy… #dryer #occupationaltherapy #boring

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She’s the best.

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She always tucked you in like a burrito.

Only downside was every time she finished tucking you in and left the room, you had the sudden urge to pee but you couldn’t move. ? Never failed.

Beanies were the best defense against a head cold.

#Tocold #Dontwannagetup #Beanieinbed Don't wanna get up but its gonna be a good day….and yes i slept with a beanie lol

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Not to mention you had to make sure your mind was ready for school the next day.

There were always at least four pairs of socks on the bed and you were expected to wear them all.

My little piggies have never been as warm since. #memories

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Caldo was a go-to during the hard winter months.


And mami would sit there with you while you drank ever last drop before giving you a goodnight kiss on the forehead.

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These Songs in Spanish Take on an Entirely Different Meaning When You’re Gay


These Songs in Spanish Take on an Entirely Different Meaning When You’re Gay

Credit: Glee / Fox / pierce-lopezcaps / Tumblr

We hear these songs and think they’re about secret heterosexual relationships, but when you’re gay, these songs take on an entirely different meaning…

“Qué importa lo que dirán tu padre y tu mamá, aquí solo importa nuestro amor”

Credit: chuckmccarthy / Tumblr

“Amor Prohibido” – Selena

We’ve all dated someone who’s parents aren’t totally in love with the idea of them being gay. Although it sucks, it’s still kinda hot to be in a forbidden relationship.

“Yo pienso que tú y yo podemos ser felices todavía. Si nos dejan, buscamos un rincón cerca del cielo”

Credit: maxileyg / Tumblr

“Si Nos Dejan” – Luis Miguel 

Before the law changed, this was exactly how we felt. We wanted to run off to Massachusetts – the first city to legalize gay marriage before the Supreme Court ruling – to be out in the open with our love.

“Eres secreto de amor. Delante de la gente no me mires, no suspires, no me llames, aunque me ames. Delante de la gente soy tu amigo”

Credit: Disney / Frozen

“Secreto de Amor”  – Joan Sebastian

Before coming out, we were always paranoid that all eyes were on us. We thought everyone would be able to spot out the person we were hooking up with, so we’d tell them to avoid us, don’t talk to us, don’t even look at us.

“Amiga mía, lo sé, solo vives por él, que lo sabe también, pero él no te ve como yo”

Credit: Faking It / MTV

“Amiga Mia” – Alejandro Sanz feat. Natalia Jimenez

We’ve all had that crush who was dating an asshole and all you wanted to do was help her get out of that relationship. You just wanted to yell and tell her that all guys are jerks.

“Lo que no sabes es que yo quisiera ser ese por quién te desvelas y te desesperas”

Credit: Netflix

“Yo Quisiera” – Reik

We’ve all had that straight crush. You’re falling in love with that person, but you know it’s nearly impossible. You know you’re stuck in the friend zone.

“Yo no quería quererte y no lo pude evitar. Creí poder defenderme. Pero a mi corazón no lo puedes atar”

Credit: imgur

“Yo No Me Quiero Enamorar” – Kalimba

We’ve all had that crush escalate and even our friends warned us, it’s not a good idea.

“Mi amor clandestino que en el silencio y el dolor se nos cae todo el cielo de esperar”

Credit: cutegaygfs / Tumblr

“Amor Clandestino” – Maná

The worst feeling in the world is having to keep your love a secret. It’s such a feeling of desperation. You want to tell the entire world you’re in love – but you can’t ?.

“¿A quién le importa lo qué yo haga? ¿A quién le importa lo que yo diga? Yo soy así, y así seguiré, nunca cambiaré”

Gay Mariachi Gif
Credit: gatorbearsd / Facebook

“A Quién Le Importa” – Thalía

When people told you you’re not really a lesbian, you’re not really gay… This song spoke to you. This is the loving yourself anthem.

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