These Nacadas We Had at Home Will Actually Save Our Lives

El Niño? Bring it.

1. We hoard, so naturally, we got this.

2. Water is second nature to us.

3. El Niño is such a joke, we make that b*tch our costume.

4. We’ve had our furniture covered in plastic since the 60’s.

5. Venomous Sea Snakes = More Selections of Tacos

6.  We’re used to the drama.

Credit: María la del Barrio / Televisa

We’ve been watching Telenovelas since we born, so all this build up of El Niño has us like ?.

7.  We’re all Tupperware queens.

8. We have the best protection in the world. 


Credit: @jordie_ramos26 / Instagram

This will get us through all the cold fronts that come with El Niño.

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9.  It’s in our DNA.  We will survive.

Credit: iStock

The weather reminds us of our DNA’s homeland. Either tropical or desert, we have the natural terrain running in our veins.  Grab that Abuelita hot chocolate and enjoy re-connecting with your roots.

10. Because El Niño Jesus.

11. Oh, we’ve got bags.

Credit: @sangabrielcity / Instagram

We’ve got sand bags, bags of beans, bags of recyclables, bags of rice, bags as trash cans, bags under our eyes-you name it. We have been prepared. We didn’t cross El Niño, El Niño crossed us.

12. We’ve been here and we ain’t goin’ nowheres, homes.

Credit: @ajmingenieria / Instagram

We’ve been waterproofing roofs way before the Mexican War, so we will be safe. Thanks to our handiness, homes have been leak-proof way before Christopher Columbus.

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13.  Huracán Patricia= Zero Deaths.  ‘Nuff said.

Credit: Pitch Perfect 2 / Universal / pitchperfectmovie / Tumblr

Mic drop.

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