This Explains Why Latinos are Better at Kicking A** on Monday Than Anyone Else

Monday, bring it. We Latinos have the tricks to get through anything.

Get Musically Lifted


Protein Punch

five of these bad boys #chorizoconhuevos

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Happy Hour for Breakfast

Two Words: Pan Dulce

#PanDulce #ALittlePieceOfHeaven

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Bring a dozen into the office and everyone will love Mondays like you.

Café – the REAL Stuff

Pos pa terminar de despertar ! #cafe #cafedelaolla

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Forget that mini cup, instant fake stuff. This comes with super natural powers strong enough to wake the dead.


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While everyone else is turning to basic sandwiches, we’ve got these little presents to unwrap at 1 p.m.

iPod Pumped

Limpia Mondays

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