This Explains Why Latinos are Better at Kicking A** on Monday Than Anyone Else

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Monday, bring it. We Latinos have the tricks to get through anything.

Get Musically Lifted

We complain when ma wakes us on Saturday mornings with the sound of the vacuum and salsa music blasting through the speakers. But on a day like this, we appreciate how mom’s good music taste starts us off on the right foot ?.



Nothing is a better buffer to Monday than a bowl of hot, steaming menudo — and it’s not painful to look at either.

Protein Punch

five of these bad boys #chorizoconhuevos

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This, right here, is the true breakfast of champs. No one and nothing can mess with you after feasting on this ancestral meal that powered our people for generations.

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Happy Hour for Breakfast

Ya, these are normally for Sunday crudas, but just skip on the alcohol and it’s a bonafide Monday morning party.

Two Words: Pan Dulce

#PanDulce #ALittlePieceOfHeaven

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Bring a dozen into the office and everyone will love Mondays like you.

Café – the REAL Stuff

Pos pa terminar de despertar ! #cafe #cafedelaolla

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Forget that mini cup, instant fake stuff. This comes with super natural powers strong enough to wake the dead.


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While everyone else is turning to basic sandwiches, we’ve got these little presents to unwrap at 1 p.m.

iPod Pumped

JLo Headphones

We all know it. Latin music keeps Monday movin’.

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Limpia Mondays


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These Nacadas We Had at Home Will Actually Save Our Lives


These Nacadas We Had at Home Will Actually Save Our Lives

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El Niño? Bring it.

1. We hoard, so naturally, we got this.


We learned from our parents to never throw anything away. We have boxes, bubblewrap, you name it because ‘you never know.’ In this case, that La Curacao box will probably save us if there’s a massive flood.

2. Water is second nature to us.


3. El Niño is such a joke, we make that b*tch our costume.


Even little tots aren’t afraid of him. 

4. We’ve had our furniture covered in plastic since the 60’s.


Surviving plastic wrapped furniture is a rite of passage. Perhaps bad news for your nalgas, but that couch never looked so new. Let it rain b*tch, we’re covered.

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5. Venomous Sea Snakes = More Selections of Tacos


With rain come more of these water snakes. We all have that tío who is down to eat tacos de no se qué. Hey, survival of the fittest.

6.  We’re used to the drama.

Credit: María la del Barrio / Televisa

We’ve been watching Telenovelas since we born, so all this build up of El Niño has us like ?.

7.  We’re all Tupperware queens.


Not only will our leftover tamales be safe and floating like self service, but our jewelry and clothes will be intact.  We will look fabulous while staying afloat.

8. We have the best protection in the world. 


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This will get us through all the cold fronts that come with El Niño.

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9.  It’s in our DNA.  We will survive.

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The weather reminds us of our DNA’s homeland. Either tropical or desert, we have the natural terrain running in our veins.  Grab that Abuelita hot chocolate and enjoy re-connecting with your roots.

10. Because El Niño Jesus.


El Niño literally means the Christ Child, so you are basically asking us if we have been getting ready for Jesus? We’ve been having posadas since our grandmas great-great -great-(you get the picture) grandma. Where have you been?

11. Oh, we’ve got bags.


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We’ve got sand bags, bags of beans, bags of recyclables, bags of rice, bags as trash cans, bags under our eyes-you name it. We have been prepared. We didn’t cross El Niño, El Niño crossed us.

12. We’ve been here and we ain’t goin’ nowheres, homes.


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We’ve been waterproofing roofs way before the Mexican War, so we will be safe. Thanks to our handiness, homes have been leak-proof way before Christopher Columbus.

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13.  Huracán Patricia= Zero Deaths.  ‘Nuff said.

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Mic drop.

How are you preparing for El Niño? Let us know in the comments and hit that share button if you’re ready for it ?.