10 Ways Latina Daughters Get the Short End of the Stick

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If you ask Latino parents whether they love their sons more than their daughters, they will deny, deny, deny. But it’s not even a contest. Sons are OBVIOUSLY favored in Latino households — just check out all these proofs of injustices when growing up la niña de la casa.

Curfew is Always a Battle

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Dad finally gives you a decent curfew, but that doesn’t stop him from calling to check in two hours before. Meanwhile, your younger brother gets home at 3 a.m. and it’s cool “porque es hombre y se sabe cuidar.” Ugh!

Chores are a Daughter’s Ticket to Freedom


How many times has anyone heard a mom say this to her son?

Being Sexy Might as Well be a Sin


Let’s be real, girls are NOT the only ones taking sexy selfies, but they are the only ones getting called “a sinvergüenza” for it.

Dating? Forget about It

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It’s cool for sons to have one girlfriend after another, but daughters can’t begin dating until they’ve turned 30. Even then, it’s at the novio’s own risk.

Every Date Starts as a Rapid Fire 21 Questions with Dad

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To get permission to go on a date, daughter’s will need to answer SO MANY of dad’s questions: full name, where his family’s from, what kind of car insurance he has, where he works, etc. All brother has to say is “al rato llego” and done.

Drinking is Not for Ladies

Boys start drinking when they’re old enough to hold a bottle because “eso es lo que hacen los hombres.” On the flip side, girls are to behave like ladies and never, ever, ever touch a drink. If they do, they might as well check themselves into rehab.

You Can Only Go Out if You’re Chaperoned

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Boys gets dad’s car, credit card y un “que te vaya bien.” Girls get mom, tía and abuela as chaperones on their romantic-no-more date.

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Sex? Yeah Right

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Sons are warned to not get a girl pregnant. Daughters are warned not to have sex before getting married…and when they do, it’s just to produce coveted grandchildren.

Women and Sports Don’t Mix

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Sons are tough and daughters are fragile…no way she could kick ass. But has dad not seen Ronda in action?

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Girls Have to Grow Up

Somehow, a Latino son will never grow up in mami’s eyes. Whether he’s 14 or 34, he will always be her bebé. Latina daughters on the other hand, learn to take care of themselves and “el bebé.”

How did your parents favor your brothers? mitú wants to know. Leave us a note below!

Danny Trejo is Running For Office and Here's Why You Should Vote for Him


Danny Trejo is Running For Office and Here’s Why You Should Vote for Him

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Danny Trejo, real-life hero and all-around bad-ass, is running for office.

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Have a peaceful New Year #dannytrejo

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The Machete star recently posted this photo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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It features Trejo posing shirtless in front of the Texas Capitol building with the caption “1 Like = 1 Vote for Machete #Trejo2016″

What office is Trejo running for? Who cares?

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He’s already got plenty of support.

Come to think of it, Danny Trejo would be a GREAT candidate…for any office.

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First of all, he’s a triple threat.


He’s a uniter, not a divider.


He believes in gun control.


He’s got sharp insight on religion.


He stays cool under pressure.


He advocates for the well-being of animals…

Even if they’re animals who happen to be mutant ninjas.

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He’s taken a clear stance on the use of marijuana.

Credit: Troublemaker Studios / GrimDontGiveAFuck / YouTube

And most importantly, he’s got GUTS.


Plus, he’d have the coolest campaign merch around.

It’s pretty clear now, isn’t it? #Trejo2016


Would you vote for Danny Trejo? Let us know in the comments below. 

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