9 Questions Latinas Ask that Put an End to an Argument

Credit: VH1 / quotesgram

Ladies, we know it comes down to a simple turn-the-question-around-and-make-him-feel-guilty approach. Next thing you know, he’s apologizing for being an over-protective, insecure boyfriend. This is how Latinas always win an argument.

Him: “Why are you going through my phone?”


Us: “Why wouldn’t I? Do you have something to hide?”

Him: “You didn’t call me last night, like you said.”


“You didn’t call me the night before my cheerleading try-out three years ago and I forgave you, didn’t I?”

Him: “Why are you still talking to your ex?”


Us: “He’s my BEST FRIEND! Do you want me to ask you to not to hang out with (insert best buddy’s name here)?”

Him: “I don’t want to go to that dinner tonight.”


Us: “Well, let’s see what your mami has to say about that?”

Him: “I thought you didn’t like going out Thursday nights?”


Us: “When, just WHEN did I say that?”

Him: “Pero baby, you said monthaversary gifts weren’t important.”


Us: “Do I really have to spell everything out for you?”

Him: “I don’t like chick flicks.”


Us: “But you do love me, right?”

Him: “But you told me not to invite (insert off and on bestie’s name here).”


Us: “Does that sound like something I would say?”

Him: “We have been arguing over this dumb sh*t for 20 minutes.”


Us: “See? You just don’t love me anymore.”

He’ll never have an answer he’s will to give to any of these…hence, we win.

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