How I Avoided a Nasty Breakup with My College Roommates

The relationship you have with college roommates can be as tumultuous as any other relationship and, if not handled with care, can end ugly. After four years at UC Berkeley and 12 roommates, here’s what I did to avoid becoming a roommate horror story…

I hid the sweet stuff.

Credit: Natalie Barba

Being hangry is a real thing.  So stashing my Mazapanes, paletas de chile y chicles, kept my roommates and me from next level fights – the number 1 reason college roommates brawl.

I labeled the essentials.

Credit: mitú

Cause what’s mine is mine.

My roommates and I gave each other a heads up when we had guests staying over.

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We agreed how long boyfriends were allowed to stay, who’s stuff they were allowed to use and that they had to clean up after themselves…I’m the roommate, not the house maid.

And, when stays were unplanned, we subtly indicated the room was occupied.

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…OR made it clear the room was occupied.

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This avoided awkward, humiliating encounters. But really, it’s about having respect for one another ?.

When roommates needed cash, I pretended I didn’t have any.

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I fell victim to people pretending they forgot they owed me money. You live and you learn.

Living with three other girls, I also made sure our favorite room had rules.

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It’s called knocking.

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I joined a “study group.”


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I loved my roommates, but sometimes I needed a break. Bye!

…And made other friends.

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For those days I really needed to get away from the clingy roommate.

I invested in headphones.

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Excuse me? Were you talking to me?

We opened a Netflix account.


Credit: euphoria-land / Tumblr

To binge watch Grey’s Anatomy, OITNB and Breaking Bad together. It’s called bonding.

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I made sure to show how much I appreciated them with thoughtful gifts.

Credit: getfreesampleswithoutsurveys / Tumblr

Like Breathe Right nasal strips when snoring kept me from sleeping ☺️.

…And this is why I’ve been everyone’s favorite roommate.

Credit: yngchrissy / Tumblr

What did you do to bond with your college roommates? mitú wants to know. Let us know in the comments below. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Mexican Food in the O.C.

Food & Drink

Your Ultimate Guide to Mexican Food in the O.C.

Mexican Food

Orange County is best known for being home to THE “Happiest Place on Earth,” but — and sorry Mickey — the tacos make us happier than It’s a Small World After All. So for real happiness, we head to these ultimate OC taco and torta joints.

Taqueria Zamora

Santa Ana

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Best Mexican food! #taqueriazamora

A post shared by Mike Marques (@miklo49) on

When you’re hungry, Taqueria Zamora is the only place to go. Serving up freshmade tortillas as big as your head with their signature carne asada piled high– please someone, uncover their secret recipe — it’s a feat if you can eat more than one.

3121 S Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92707

Cancun Juice


Tapped out on tacos? Cancun Juice’s torta asada to the rescue. Their chipmayo dressing is ahhh-DDICTIVE. You’ve been warned.

Anaheim Plaza, 603 N Euclid St Anaheim, CA


Credit: @twoservings/ Tumblr

Short on cash, but craving big flavor? For 85 cents — not even the dollar store can beat this price — Taco Boy gets you hooked up with authentic, street-style, asada tacos topped with cilantro, onions and red sauce.

895 S Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92802

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Los Sanchez

Garden Grove

Sorry abuela, skipping dinner to go to Los Sanchez…again!  Their chilaquiles dish is served with rice, beans, lettuce, avocado and sprinkled with queso fresco. Grandma will ask for the recipe.

1906 Garden Grove Blvd Garden Grove, CA 

Alebrijes Grill

Santa Ana 

Tired of being disappointed with boring sauces? Alebrijes Grill is the go-to food truck for salsa lovers who love extreme heat. They offer four different types of salsa that will definitely put your tolerance to the test.

1609, 1627 S Sycamore St, Santa Ana, CA 92707

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Las Tortugas Grill

Santa Ana

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This taco truck 1 ups taqueria de anda

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Who says food trucks don’t carry the same flavor as your mom’s signature dishes?! Tortugas Grill offers some of the greatest cabeza and asada tacos. The grill is old school, so bring cash.

Near South King Street, Santa Ana, CA, 92704

Taqueria El Zamorano

Santa Ana

In the mood for Mexican food that will have you feeling right at home? Taqueria El Zamorano’s dishes will do that just that. Give mom a break and try their carnitas tacos served with the most delicate hand-made tortillas. You will be AMAZED.

925 West Warner Avenue, Santa Ana, CA, 92707

Craving tacos? Share this on Facebook and get your friends to try a new spot with you.  Let us know which is your fave!

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