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How #LoveWins Broke the Internet


In hours, U.S. Supreme Court’s #MarriageEquality decision had more than 10 million tweets.

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#LoveWins, #loveislove trended all freaking day.

It was all about the gays.

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Our president immediately sent his congratulations.

The White House glowed in pride’s signature colors.

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Politicians joined the celebration.

Well, not everyone did the happy dance.

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Celebs were  just like us.

Even once closeted superstars…

And fierce transgender models.

Brands got super excited.

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South Americans were thrilled the U.S. followed their lead.

Trailblazing Argentina legalized gay marriage in 2010.

They didn’t care we were late.

They were just excited we came around.

Uruguay said YES! in 2013.

Brazil walked down the aisle the same year.

Mexico decided that #LoveWins earlier this month.

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Love is love, no matter what. #LoveWins

What do you think about the U. S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage? Tell us in the comments below and share your own story!

It’s Not a Latino Wedding if these 16 Things Don’t Happen


It’s Not a Latino Wedding if these 16 Things Don’t Happen

Credit: @RussandThetStudio / Instagram

You know that phrase, “Ain’t no party like a ….”? Well, ain’t no party like a Latino wedding party, ‘cause a Latino wedding parties don’t stop. You know it’s true. Latino weddings are a celebratory genre all their own and here are a few sure tell signs you’re at a Latino wedding.

It begins with a never-ending ceremony…

Latino religious ceremonies are never quickies. You spend close to two hours in a stuffy church listening to an eternal exchange of vows. Bring tissues … and get comfy.

And a massive bridal party.

Because the novios have to include all their primas, primos, tías, tíos, sobrinos, sobrinas, cuñados, etc…

It’s not a rodeo, but there is a lazo.

The lazo is a large rosary that’s draped across the couple in a lemniscate figure to symbolize their infinite bond. Basically, they’re chained for life.

There are also gold coin$, aka, las arras.

Credit: @bluepoemfilms

The groom gives his bride 13 gold coins – 13 to symbolize Christ and the 12 apostles. Isn’t this the best way to promise to be there for richer or poorer?

The newlyweds’ first dance is OOC.

Ever since social media came on the scene, all couples are expected to do a YouTube-worthy first dance, but let’s just agree that Latinos have been doing this desde quién sabe cuando.

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And then there’s the popular baile del dolar.

It costs a couple bucks to dance with the newlyweds during el baile del dolar, so be sure to stop at an ATM if you don’t want to look like a codo.

Only to be topped by la vibora del mar.

It’s all fun and games … until someone gets knocked down.

And you can’t forget this dance:

EVERYONE rushes to the dance floor to two-step to El Caballo Dorado.

Forget Coachella, Latino weddings are better than freakin’ music festivals.

Because one type of music isn’t enough to satisfy all preferences, expect a mariachi, a DJ, a trío and solos from your drunk tías y tíos.

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Just like music fests, there are A LOT of people.

It goes without saying there’s going to be so much family people be able to tell how everyone’s related because they’re like the kid of a primo twice removed on the padrino’s side. Whatever, it’s all familia.

And it’s a non-stop pachanga.

You can skip the gym the day of the wedding and still get your grub on because you’ll be burning tons of calories dancing because the dancing doesn’t stop till the sun comes up.

Speaking of food…

Qué dieta, ni qué nada. No one can resist the birria, mole y pastél de tres leches.

Non-Latino Guests are Instantly Obsessed.

Non-Latinos are mind-blown with the way Latinos party. Duh, other weddings are like child’s play.

Let’s not forget the nacos that take everything that isn’t nailed down.

There’s always that one freeloader who tries to get away with taking just about everything from candles to tablecloths and bottles of booze.

Also, watch out for aggressive bouquet catchers.

These single Latinas are ready for their ticket to marriage – and no one’s getting in their way.

And there’s always the comforting recalentado.

The party doesn’t end at 6 a.m. In the morning everyone heads to tía’s house for the recalentado to gossip about drunk cousin Chema and how bad everyone’s hungover is.

What’s your favorite moment at a Latino wedding? mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below.

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