How #LoveWins Broke the Internet

In hours, U.S. Supreme Court’s #MarriageEquality decision had more than 10 million tweets.

Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

#LoveWins, #loveislove trended all freaking day.

It was all about the gays.

Credit: Meghan Trainor / Epic Records

Our president immediately sent his congratulations.

The White House glowed in pride’s signature colors.

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Politicians joined the celebration.

Well, not everyone did the happy dance.

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Celebs were  just like us.

Even once closeted superstars…

And fierce transgender models.

Brands got super excited.

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South Americans were thrilled the U.S. followed their lead.

Trailblazing Argentina legalized gay marriage in 2010.

They didn’t care we were late.

They were just excited we came around.

Uruguay said YES! in 2013.

Brazil walked down the aisle the same year.

Mexico decided that #LoveWins earlier this month.

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Love is love, no matter what. #LoveWins

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