Do You Think Caitlyn Jenner is the Only Trans Celebrity Making Waves? Think Again

Credit: Carmen Carrera / Facebook

Carmen Carrera will become the first transgender woman to marry on television. But she’s far more than just another pretty face on reality TV. She’s an elite trans Latina model using her growing celebrity to educate people about what transgender really is. Brilliant.

Because most people still believe trans people are nothing more than their genitalia.

THIS MONDAY!!! Catch me and Laverne Cox on the Katie Couric show on ABC! #transbeauty #katiecouric

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“I don’t want to talk about it; it’s really personal,” Carrera told Katie Couric when asked if she’s had gender reassignment surgery. “I’d rather talk about my modeling. There’s more to trans people than just [genitalia].” Slaaaay, girl! ?

And nothing more than that freakin’ Y chromosome.

Get out of my DNA! This is such a ridiculous argument. I asked my Facebook fans why in some states a marriage between a man and a transwoman isn't considered equal if, by law and atomically, one has transitioned fully to a woman… People need to awaken to the reality that transwoman are women just born with the wrong parts. Then we are assigned male at birth and like me, society forces their opinion on you your entire childhood until you reach a breaking point and take the steps to living your truth. We aren't hiding anything, especially me. We don't become someone else at the end of the day. My womanhood doesn't get hung on a hanger by the end of the night. This is me and just because I was born with what I feel is a genetic defect, why are my human rights being taken away in some states? Makes no sense at all. And that goes for any other person who wants to marry the person they love. Race, sex, gender, birth defects, blue hair, red hair.. It shouldn't matter!

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“I asked my Facebook fans why in some states a marriage between a man and a transwoman isn’t considered equal if, by law and atomically, one has transitioned fully to a woman,” Carrera writes in the post. “People need to awaken to the reality that trans woman are women just born with the wrong parts.”

But if you didn’t catch that the first time, she’ll gladly explain it to you in Spanish. *Finger snap*

My Spanish is getting better I love it ☺️?❤️ #bilingualreading #espanol #thatladywaskindarude

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But to be real, she probably DGAF what you think about her decisions while flying around the world for her modeling photoshoots.

*grabs popcorn and refills tea*

Credit: Easy A / Screen Gems / slightly-austin-tatious / Tumblr

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With her celebrity, she is cutting through trans stereotypes, like dating. Trans women are NOT gay.

“If you think that I’m attracted to gay men or they’re attracted to me, or if you think that if I’m in a relationship with a man, then he’s gay,” Carrera told Refinery29. “That means you see me as a man, not as a woman.”

She gives young people hope that it does get better.

Credit: Carmen Carrera / Facebook

“In 2013, renowned fashion photographer Steven Meisel’s people got in touch with me. I was shocked and flattered as we discussed his idea of an old-style Hollywood shoot for W magazine,” Carrera told Glamour Magazine UK. “I mean, this is a man who shoots the most beautiful women. And now he wanted me.”

Even her coming out as Carmen was done in a very public way via ABC’s What Would You Do? series.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.38.31 PM
Credit: RuPaulPromo / YouTube

She played a waitress coming out to a regular customer who hasn’t seen her since she was Chris.

And she continues to stay visible to no matter what she is doing.

Wrapping things up in LA, fun times… Now back to the east coast xoxo @eyesofrah @hereisgina ????

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That’s right. She played a woman working at the Marbella with Jane Villanueva proving trans people are no different.

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She’s more than just an Elite model. She’s a role model.

This. ? gotta be strong, gotta keep going! #itgetsbetter

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That hashtag tho. Tear-jerking.

Oh! And she is about to become the first trans person to get married on reality TV on VH1’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn.

Seriously magical ??❤️

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And her husband, Adrian Torres, it quite the looker, no?

Get it, girl.

Credit: dailydot / Tumblr

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