No One Knows Hot to Get Rid of Haters Like Curanderas

Curanderas are notorious for using unconventional techniques to cure just about everything, even those shady haters. This is how they do it…

Hierbas are their go-to remedy.


Herbs are rubbed up and down the body to help cure illnesses…

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Or cleanse you of evil vibes your enemies send you.

Like all women, curanderas also love shiny rocks.

ofreciendo limpieza espiritual deshacerse de los enemigos y la negatividad

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They turn to gemstones to cleanse spirits. They EVEN claim to know how to exterminate bad relationships.

They spark scented incense.

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Which is used to cleanse your aura and your surroundings.

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They use their magic touch to relieve tension, bad vibes, and realign your chakras.

A little egg rubbing never hurt anyone…

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That’s how they really get down. Eggs are considered a symbolism of life. As gross as it sounds, they rub eggs around your body to absorb all negative energy and illnesses.

Curanderos also use sound as a form of healing.


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Like the beating of drums or the sound created by rattles.

Oh, and they love the use of fire.

You know, to cure things like too much ear wax.

Here’s how a full on limpa looks like:

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17 Spanish Words that Don't Technically Exist but We Use Every Day


17 Spanish Words that Don’t Technically Exist but We Use Every Day

Being bilingual is a blessing – and confusing. What happens when you can’t exactly translate a word? You make up your own. Here are a few we’ve spanglishized and use all the time.

1. Chequear – to check something, like a reference.


Credit: Fantasia / Disney

If you chequé the dictionary you will not find chequear. However, we all know that the word is one of the most commonly used words in our modern vocabulary with our elders.

2. Taggear – to tag someone on social media.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 5.05.07 PM
Credit: @cantstayput / Instagram

Seriously? Taggear is becoming a word? What’s next, “posteando” statuses? As the nature of technology evolves, we have to come up with ways to create language around them.

3. Yarda – a yard or lawn.

Credit: SNL / NBC

“Mami, Luis and his friends won’t let me play en la yarda.” It is not at all a real word in the proper sense but it is a real word to us and that is what really counts.

4. Flirtear – to flirt.

Credit: Orange is the New Black / Netflix

It’s been so long since someone flirted with me, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t the right word. However, it very well might be the right word if someone was willing to flirt with me.

5. Estoquieando – stalking, you know, like most of us do.

Credit: perks-of-being-an-emily / Tumblr

We also use this to talk about estoquieando on Instagram. There is something so satisfying about being able to dig deep into your crush’s Instagram and figuring out their likes and dislikes.

6. Marqueta – the market.

Credit: muggledogumluseherbaz / Tumblr

This is lazy. Mercado is shorter and it’s the proper word. However, it is a word we have all used because it just comes out that way an that’s just fine.

7. Parquear – to park, usually like a boss.

Credit: Police Academy / The Ladd Company

I’m almost there. Estoy parqueando. What makes this even funnier is that whoever says this has likely not even left the house yet

8. Chance (chan sey) – chance

Credit: Misery Business / Fueled by Ramen

If you can’t make up a word just give the English word a Latino pronunciation. That usually does the trick.

9. Bloque – a neighborhood block.

Credit: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood / PBS

If only we all lived en el mismo bloque as Mr. Roger, we’d all have a proper vocabulary. I’m just saying. But, given our fun loving culture, I’m sure Mr. Roger would have understood the playful language.

10. Bildin – a building.

Credit: beatendrum / Tumblr

Or edificio. It is kind of amazing when you realize that we have created a language out of two langauges in an attempt to better talk with our family. Sometimes it is the little things like that that can make a relationship with your abuela that much more special.

11. Lonche – lunch.

Credit: awkwardlifeisawesome / Tumblr

Abueltia: ¿Qué comiste para la lonche hoy, mija?

Me: Nada. And when did you learn lonche?

Isn’t it sweet when your family takes an extra step to make sure everyone is included in the conversation.

12. Mopear – to mop.

Credit: anjelania / Tumblr

I don’t even care that this word exists, tbh. Nothing can make this chore anymore fun. Call it what you want…like torture. You will never know the terror of mopping in a frenzy before mom gets home.

13. Lockear – to lock.

Credit: dark-recesses-of-the-soul / Tumblr

Because atrancar is so 2014. Honestly, though, who else grew up with this one? It seems like a really common word when it comes to Spanglish-speaking families.

14. Carpeta – a carpet.

Credit: Aladdin / Disney

Wait? Haven’t we been making fun of people for making words Spanish by adding an ‘o’ to the end? When did we become just like them?

15. Vaquear – to vacuum.

Credit: dr-fluffys-symposium / Tumblr

This is like mopear. We don’t care unless the word gets rid of the task altogether. Unfortunately, it won’t so we will just keep mopeando and vaqueando until mom is satisfied.

16. El Tiki Tiki – any electronic device from a GameBoy to your phone.

Credit; Giphy Originals

Our abeulas and parents are quick to just call any handheld electronic device el tiki tiki. It’s a lot like how every game system is called a Nintendo.

17. Echoping – shopping

Credit: Parks & Recreation / NBC

Shopping with mom can be crazy hectic. But we all know that she will do whatever she can to spoil her babies and that is what we are all here for.

Be honest, how often do you use these words? Share this story with your friends so we can make this language mainstream, bro.

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