How Being Bilingual is the Most Awesome Way to Make Money and Friends

Being bilingual holds a slew of benefits for individuals and the nation, like…

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Being bilingual is good for your brain.

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Your problem solving skills are way better…

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…and you are less likely to get distracted.

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Research shows knowing multiple languages forces your brain to operate in a different way making problem solving easier and more effective because your brain is used to processing both languages, so it’s learned to differentiate what needs to be done and how to do it. Got that, Sarah?

Colleges love bilingual people.

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Being bilingual makes it easier to get into college because speaking another language is in high demand. Remember, it’s because we’re smarter than those who only speak English. #winning #ganando

Employers don’t want to hire people who can’t communicate globally.

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Most companies are global, so knowing another language means it’s easier to get a job. Sixty-six percent of employers agreed.

Being bilingual also means more ??.

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RosettaStone found that people who speak at least one foreign language make on average $10,000 more annually than those who speak just English. How’s that for improving the nation, Sarah?

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It also means higher status jobs.

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So, the next time someone tells you to only “speak American,” just remember…

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You are already succeeding in life more than they are.

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