Morrissey Dancing To Shakira Is The Only Thing That Matters

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We’ll cut straight to the point: Here is a video you should watch. It involves Morrissey, non-Latino Latino cultural icon, dancing to fellow icon Shakira’s magnum opus, “Hips Don’t Lie.”

It is perfect.

That is all. Enjoy.

Click below to be taken to YouTube, as it features ~restricted playback.~

Credit: YouTube / ForReallyRosie via Twitter / Macros Chamizo, h/t Greta Alvarez

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Famous Chef Partners With Disney to Make Your Culinary Dreams Come True

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Famous Chef Partners With Disney to Make Your Culinary Dreams Come True

Ferran Adrià

Have you or your kids ever dreamed of eating a decadent dish inspired by Disney characters — without having to go to Disneyland? Soon, you’ll be able to make recipes that go beyond, WAY beyond, Mickey Mouse pancakes, all in your own kitchen.

That’s because one of the most prominent chefs in the world, Spanish native Ferran Adrià, has partnered with Disney in creating his very own family-friendly, Disney-inspired cookbook titled, “Te Cuento en la Cocina: Cocina con la imaginación de Ferran Adrià.”

Mastermind of Spain’s world-class restaurant El Bulli, his famous and intricate recipes typically include rare ingredients and sometimes take days to prepare. The recipes in this cookbook, however, are a lot easier to make, with readily available ingredients. In the 296-page book, you’ll find recipes like Jungle Book juice and eggplant padawan (¿qué?). Certainly not your mother’s chilaquiles, but he IS Ferran Adrià. The cookbook will also come with an app and a website.

“This is the most incredible project I’ve ever worked on. I’ve realized a dream,” said the chef himself.

Read more about this special cookbook from Eater

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