Here’s What You Sign Up For When You Agree To Be A Madrina Or Padrino

As you grow older and your friends and family begin to have children, there’s a chance you might be chosen to be the godparent, which would make you la comadre or el compadre. But are you prepared for the responsibilities? Here are a few things you can expect…

When your godchild is born, you’re expected to hook up the baby with their first name tag piece of jewelry.

And he or she better have it ready to wear the day they leave the hospital.

If it weren’t for the baptism, you probably wouldn’t become a comadre / compadre… So you better pitch in for the fiesta.

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Con el bolo. It’s the only time you’ll see kids diving for coins instead of candy.

Religious ceremonies aside, la comadre is looked to to bring food for parties or to help cook.


So if your comadre is ever mad at you, it’s because you didn’t help with the food.

And el compa usually handles las cervezas.


You have to take at leeeeast a six pack. But the more cerveza you take, the happier your compadre will be.

When it comes to bigger parties, los compadres are expected to pitch in some $$ para la banda.


Because what would your godchild’s first birthday party without a banda?

From then on, you goddaughter/godson better receive the best gift from you.

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Don’t disappoint with cheap gifts.

Comadres *have* to keep each other updated on the latest chisme.


There really isn’t a better type of bonding for comadres than a good chisme exchange.

And party together.drink


And it’s always a blast. #SALUDCOMPA

Las comadres y compadres have each others’ backs.


You have to be there to catch them and help lift them when they’re at their lowest.

And always support each


Because what’s a comadre or compadre without a helping hand?

More importantly, las comadres y los compadres have to love each other the most through thick and thin.

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But above all, this is a promise to guide this little one through life.

And teach them between right and wrong.

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Vogue Is Calling This 16 Year Old From Guadalajara 'Fashion's Latest It Girl'


Vogue Is Calling This 16 Year Old From Guadalajara ‘Fashion’s Latest It Girl’

Credit: @mariana_zaragoza

Introducing Mariana Zaragoza, the underage supermodel who will soon be on the cover of every major fashion mag.

It looks like the fashion world has found its latest muse, and it doesn’t include someone named Gigi, Kendall or Bella, or someone from Russia, Poland or France. The latest face (and body) to take over the runways is a 16-year-old by the name of Mariana Zaragoza who hails from none other than Guadalajara. Even though she’s not old enough to drink, vote or buy cigarettes, she’s wasting no time in grabbing fashion by the cojones (as evidenced by her major debut at New York Fashion Week this past September).

Like every great Cinderella story, Zaragoza got her big break at a mall.


Zaragoza told Vogue magazine she didn’t consider modeling until she was approached by a talent agent while shopping with her mama. From there, she joined her cousin in few modeling classes and the rest is history. *Excuse me while I spend the rest of my life cruising shopping centers.*

Zaragoza was quickly signed by IMG Modeling agency in Mexico City.

And it didn’t take long for fashion exclusives like Proenza Schouler and Carolina Herrera to call her.

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Gala Carolina Herrera México #GalaCHMexico

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Now, the teen is a regular on runways and walking alongside names like Gigi Hadid.

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#pfwss17 @giambattistapr ✨

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And is getting love from Vogue editions all over the world, like Mexico.

All that said, she’s still a young, cartoon-loving Mexicana at heart.

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A dream come true… ✈️❤️

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And she never forgets about those who’ve been with her from the beginning, like her baby Vietnamese pigs.

She has three Vietnamese piggies and somewhere close to 300 pigs in figurine form. She’s obsessed.

Seems like she’s not completely used to this lifestyle. Even after walking the hottest runways, she still gets starstruck.


While in NYC, Zaragoza said she lost it when she saw David and Victoria Beckham walking into a coffee shop. Can you blame her?

And no matter what, she puts familia first.

She travels in packs and brings her family with her any chance she gets. ?

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Who’s your fave Latina supermodel? Tell us in the comments below!

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