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This Vending Machine Needs to Exist Outside Every Club

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It’s everything we ever needed in life.

Chips, the way you like them.

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Drenched in chile y limón ??.

Pozole to cure or prevent a nasty hangover.

Otra razón más por la cual amo el invierno. #pozole

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Perfectly located outside a club or outside a 7-11.

Fresh tortillas.

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All you need is a pack of salt and you’re good to go.

Dulce de chile.

I?Candy #tamarindo #candy #dulcemexicano #myfavorite #happygirl

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Because no one else has it on demand.

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Raw eggs.

Telorrrr.. ?? #uktelormentah_bpn #uploadkompakan #kompakersbandung #kompakersbandunggareulis

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To rid yourself of bad vibes or get back at your stupid ex.

Tequila, the good kind.

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With the option of adding Squirt.

Michelada if you’re into something lighter.

Credit: @c.r.a.v.i.n.g.s / Instagram

Con chamoy ?.

Elote preparado.

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And in this perfect world you’d be able to select your toppings.

Guacamole without the extra fee.

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And it’s always ripe.

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Mango con chile.

#mexicanmango #yumyum #loveit #mangoconchile

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You can also tell them how much (or how little) chile you want.

Chocolate Abuelita.

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Because a PSL never gets the job done.

Eye makeup kit complete with a brow pencil and eyelash glue.

Credit: @inglot_usa / Instagram

When your eyebrow sweats off at the club.

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