Mind Blown: Selena Quintanilla Doesn’t Have a Star on the Walk of Fame – But There’s Hope

Selena Quintanilla continues living as the ultimate queen for millions because…

Credit: stilldreamingofyou / Tumblr

She had insane vocals…

Credit: Selena / YouTube

Killer moves…

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And broke so many barriers, like this…

Credit: EMI

Like releasing the first Tejano album to achieve gold status after selling more than 500,000 copies for Ven Conmigo.

And this…

Credit: EMI Latin

In 1993 she also won a Grammy Award for best Mexican-American Album for Live!

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So naturally, we’d expect she’s already been honored with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, right?

Credit: sillyluv / Tumblr

Because it seems like literally anyone who’s anyone has one.


Credit: lesfillespensent / Tumblr / MTV

You mean to tell me… Yep, Selena Quintanilla does not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But help is on its way ☝.

Credit: runforyourlife / Tumblr

Andrew Longoria of Corpus Christi, TX created a petition through change.org to get the queen her own star. So far it’s collected 2,345 signatures of the 2,500 goal. And remember what happened last time a Selena petition was created? MAC Cosmetics agreed to create a collection dedicated to the Tex-Mex singer.

Hold up ✋. Only one minor detail…

According to the Hollywood Walk of Fame site, the committee does not accept petitions for a nomination. Womp, womp. But we’re sure Selena’s fans and family will nominate her following the correct process.

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