Here’s What 2017’s Going To Look Like According To Your Sign

Bueno, 2017 has started, and with it, brand-new possibilities for success, amor, money and happiness — that is, unless you let your sign’s shortcomings mess up your game plan. Here’s what the stars advise for you in this new year.


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This is your year! The world will fall at your feet and it’s about damn time. You’re going to have to put all you’ve learned in past years into play, so avoid being impulsive and control your mal genio or it’ll get the best of you. Time to say adios to those who’ve annoyed you, sent you bad vibes or done you wrong. Lo que no sirve que no estorbe.



2017 will be a good year if you stop postponing your own happiness by trying to make others happy. ¡Enfócate! Keep your eye on your personal goals and everything that makes you happy, not everyone else. The second half of the year will definitely bring amor del bueno if you stay away from the exes — mira que el que juega con fuego se quema. The past might knock at your door, but you’ll know better than to answer.



You might feel this year didn’t start off right, pero relájate, it’s just the beginning. Give yourself the chance to meet new people, even if it means letting go of old relationships que no valen nada. Stop debating so much — lo hago o no lo hago. Work hard and be consistent; you won’t reach your goals by wishing.



Even if you feel things won’t change in 2017, they will! The only constant thing in life for you is change – and that’s a good thing. 2016 gave you plenty of surprises, especially at the end. You insisted on hanging on to people and situations que no eran buenas, but change is coming. Stop the drama — your life is not a telenovela and you can’t let every single emotion shake you. Say goodbye to toxic people. Take alone time to meditate and determine what you want. No dejes nada a medias, finish what you start.



You deserve a great life and you know it. It won’t be granted to you just because you think you’re the queen of the jungle. Set clear goals in every aspect of your life and work hard to reach them. There are people around you who know your weak spots and will try to hurt you — be ready to roar and scare them away. Some people will try to charm you to mess up your current love situation, but don’t fall for it, leoncito, it’s nothing but a show.



Stop worrying so much and feeding your negative thoughts. Focus on the good things in life y por una vez en tu vida, trust that everything is going to be fine. It’s time to strengthen those few relationships that really matter in your life and stop feeding the trolls. If you’re single, an old flame might pop up. Hey, sometimes things do deserve a second chance — but just one, nada de terceras oportunidades.



This year you’re invited to experience new things, taste new flavors, and dip your feet in different waters before you decide to settle into balance. Stop seeking mami’s approval (or anyone’s, for that matter) and go for your dreams. The past will come knocking at your door; make sure it’s a genuinely new opportunity before you answer, porque no necesitas más de lo mismo. No chain will hold you down this year. Sonríe, keep a positive mind and only settle where you truly feel feliz.



2016 was the year of surprises, and not necessarily good ones either. You’ve grown and matured, and this year it’s up to you to change the way you look at life. Este es tu año and you’re rising como espuma de cerveza, so be careful with those who are trying to take advantage of your good luck. Although you’re generally very reserved, once you trust someone, you tend to let it all out. This year it’s very important that you keep things to yourself. Don’t waste time defending your point of view. Sometimes it’s important to let go of old things to make room for new ones.



Stop making the same mistakes and get it together. You’re libre como el viento, free, that’s your spirit, but this year you’re going to need to choose a plan of action and stick to it. Don’t hold your goals way up in the sky; make them realistic and reachable. If something doesn’t go as planned, remember that tomorrow will be a better day. Keep your health in check by eating right and exercising and stop relying so much on los remedios de la abuela. The beginning of the year calls for a real doctor’s annual check up.



Keep your eyes open! There will be opportunities coming your way left and right pero, así te creas súper humano, you can’t handle them all. Be smart when choosing which ones to drop and which ones to hang on to. This year you will get an amazing opportunity that you’ve been waiting for. Say yes, but if you have doubts, ask questions. If something isn’t clear, ask again. Don’t stick with those who tell you half the story. Make your life healthy, balanced and positive.



Talk about growing up fast! 2016 gave you more lessons than all the other years of your life combined. It also overcharged you with a whole bunch of emotions that you might not have been ready for. Año nuevo, vida nueva, that’s it. Be sure you apply everything you’ve learned in the past year to 2017. You will chose to move forward toward a better life, a greater job, and real love. You might be scared, sure, but you’ll do it anyway and you’ll kick ass. Relaxation is key for the new year. Let go of any negativity and toxic people, even if it’s that prima chismosa. It’s all about positive vibes in the new year.



Hora de limpiar el closet: let go of everything that’s hurt you, people you don’t like, fake friendships, loves that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Acaba con la mala hierba. Stick to those who’ve always been there for you. Love is not routine or aburrimiento, love is pasión and life. Sensitive Pisces, you are still afraid things are not going to work out, but stop it! You are deserving of a beautiful relationship, you just have to believe it y tener fé.

Advice by Carlota Ortiz, astrologer.

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