8 Confessions Of Someone Who Doesn’t Speak Perfect Spanish

Poet Noel Quiñones tackled the complex questions and feelings of non-Spanish speaking Latinxs in his poem “8 Confessions of My Tongue”. He touches on everything from filling yourself with false hope until you’re discovered to the lingering feeling that you’ve let your parents down and the confusion when you realize that they won’t teach you.

1. False comfort as you try your best to speak a tongue you don’t quite grasp.

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“You expected the waterfall, the spit that crossed the ocean; the syllable-suffocating dance and it is a dance,” Noel Quiñones says. “This moving, weaving, searching, turning your back on what you can never keep up with. I contain so much sad, brown mouth that I can’t even pronounce Quiñones without a stranger examining the air it took to learn it.”

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