Here Are Some Of The Most Annoying Things That Happen To Latinos In Small Towns

For Latinos, growing up in a small town is no easy feat. Between being the only Latino everywhere you go and being expected to speak for all Latinos, it is exhausting but low-key exciting. Here’s what it’s like being the lone Latino in a tiny town.

It’s hard to find a hairstylist that knows what to do with curls, waves, or a head full of thick hair.

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This usually means mom ends up doing it herself.

People are constantly asking you if you are related to the other Latinos in town.

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Look, y’all. Just because my name is Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez and my friend’s name is Lara Diaz-Jimenez does not mean that we are related. Are you related to every Smith in a three-town radius?

Every time another Latino family moves into town, you feel an immediate connection.

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It’s like being reunited with your long-lost cousin you didn’t know you had. You instantly bond over music, dance and food.

And you always gather at someone’s house for every holiday, birthday party, quince and baptism. Even if you don’t know them.

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The whole town gets jealous because nobody knows how to party like Latinos.

Sometimes you correct the Spanish teacher during class and that never goes over well.

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Teacher: I got a degree in Spanish from the local college so I know what I am talking about.

Me: My grandparents don’t speak English, so beat that.

All your friends run their Latino “jokes” by you to make sure they aren’t racist.

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Look, guys. If you have to ask, then it’s most likely racist. Can you just not?

You are the spokesperson for all Latinos.

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Friends: I know you’re Cuban but do Mexicans really…

Me: -_-

Everyone always asks if that one Mexican restaurant in town is authentic.


Well, I tried to order my meal in Spanish and the waiter just looked confused. Take that as you wish.

But the best part is that your primas can chismear about people in Spanish while standing right next to them.

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Even if they know you, they have no clue what you’re saying.

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