Tortilla Loving, Salsa Dancing and Other Signs Your Dog Is Latino

Sure, most dogs can learn to sit, roll over, but Latino dogs live a different way of life. Only Latino dogs shake their tails on queue to Celia Cruz’s music and stop at the smell of fresh fruta con chile. What else do they do? Here are other signs your canine is Latino…

His world stops for pepino y Tajín.

Credit: Snapchat

Milk-Bones are basic. A Latino dog only takes pepinos as treats. More Tajín, please!

He’s bilingual and learns most of it from their abuelitos.

She was raised to be polite, not maleducados.

He respects his tíos, too.

They fear la chancla.


His national pride rivals yours and your friends.

Credit: @meunomeemel / Instagram

“Ouviram do Ipiranga às margens plácidas. De um povo heróico o brado retumbante…” ?

(Those are the Brazilian National Anthem’s opening lines, in case you didn’t know.)

She’s got ritmo like no other.

Credit: wilmer cabras / YouTube

Does your dog start dancing when Ceila Cruz comes on the radio? Well, Fido might be Latino.

They’re family oriented and always up for babysitting.


And he loves every minute of it.

They love tortillas…

Credit: Chris Correa / YouTube


…and he can’t resist a morning croqueta.

He embraces classic Latino style.

And proudly wear their traditional patterns.

Did we mention they’re great salsa dancers? ?


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