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Answering These Questions Will Determine How Compatible You And Bae Are

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De asada o al pastor?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to tacos, but why limit yourself? Take two of each.

Margarita or beer?

Thankfully that problem is solved by those margaritas that now come topped off with a beer.

Red salsa or green?

Everybody has a favorite, but if you’re a risk taker, you probably eat both at the same damn time.

Tortillas de harina o maíz?


You can tell a lot about a person by the tortilla they eat.

Tapatío, Valentina or Cholula?

Choose wisely. People get into heated debates when it comes to picking a side.

Tres leches or flan?

You know you want both, but then tía turns to you and asks ¿de cuál quieres?

Elote or duritos?

Technically it’d be like having veggies and dessert. So why not pick both?

Hot Cheetos or Takis?

They both burn your stomach the same, but everyone favors one more than the other.

Horchata or agua fresca?

It’s like they’re kind of the same, but different. That’s what makes it so difficult to pick.

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This Latino Comedian Has Something To Say About Racism In Hollywood


This Latino Comedian Has Something To Say About Racism In Hollywood

George Lopez is back on TV with a new series, “Lopez.” He’s playing himself, but it’s definitely not a documentary:

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Following in the path of “Louie” and “Maron,” the show is a fictional take on the real life struggles of the 54-year-old comedian.

Lopez recently spoke about his new show with Jack Rico of NBC News. They also chatted about Lopez’s early days on “The George Lopez Show,” Donald Trump and controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Rico also took the opportunity to ask: “Is Hollywood racist?” Here’s what Lopez had to say:

Credit: NBC News

“Clearly, if you look at the layout [of Hollywood], that the people in charge write what they see. And they write themselves as heroes.”

He said it’s clear in the types of roles white actors get to play.

Credit: NBC News

“White people fly, they breathe underwater, they rescue people, they throw webs, they can be on fire, they can be made out of rocks… and us, we can’t be a doctor and a lawyer. So it’s not that it’s racist… I told Howard Stern, you guys love each other so much, you create things for yourselves.”

Watch the full interview:

George Lopez doesn’t hold back on anything, from whether Hollywood is ‘racist’ to why his show dares make fun of Latinos.

Posted by NBC Latino on Friday, April 1, 2016

Credit: NBC Latino / Facebook

WATCH: George Lopez Turns The Tables And Gives Trump A Taste Of His Own B.S.

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