11 Halloween Candy Dangers According to Latino Parents

Latino parents can get all kinds of paranoid on Halloween, qué no? They act like you’re risking your life because of alllllllll the Halloween candy “dangers.” They’re all up in your face warning you about what can happen to you and their reasons are absurd, like:

All cookies are laced with drugs.

Credit: Alice in Wonderland/Disney/skinthiscat.tumblr.com

Beware of any “baked” goods because they will literally get you baked since they must have marijuana, acid or quien sabe qué kind of droga in them.

You’re going to suffocate.

Your teeth are going to fall out.

Beware of razors in apples.

You’re gonna get chorrillo.

No good can come of celebrating Satan.

Those candies might be old.

Your candy might be embrujado.

Watch out for needles!

You don’t know what’s in that polvo.

Beware the “Primer Impacto” effect.

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