Why The 90s Was The Worst Decade For Latina Hair

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If you’ve never had hair issues (I’m lookin’ at you Becky with the good hair), then go on and get out of here right quick because the rest of us are going to commiserate about some hair fails we’ve all been through. Like…

When you choose sleep over doing your hair in the morning.

Curly hair issues

Then you remember that you have curly hair and there are consequences to sleeping in. Sigh.

And brushing your hair isn’t always the answer.

curly hair issues

Sometimes brushing makes the situation worse.

Then there is the whole bun dependency issue that so many of us go through.

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It’s a good option, but even J.Lo gives the chongo a rest now and then.

curls vs bun

You know you’ve got a problem if you are constantly debating curls vs. chongo.

And remember when you where learning how to use a curling iron?

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Mom FLIPPED because she thought it was a hickey.

Releasing these things was literally the best feeling in the world.

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And the head massage you gave yourself after wearing these was like aaaaaaah.

You’ve tried to save money by going to your neighbor’s salon.

salon meme

And you realized you get what you pay for. Never again.

Let’s not even talk about the time you decided to cut your own bangs.

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Or when mom used the kitchen scissors to give you a trim.

Or what about the time you tried going blond because if Jessica Alba can do it, then surely you can too, right?

Orange hair

Pero, you came out looking more like a naranja with black eyebrows. At least your eyebrows were on point, though.

And spring break anywhere that’s humid is a no go.

humidity hair meme

You learned your lesson that one year you went to Cancún and your hair went bonkers on you.

The worst is when your hair looks great and some fool suggests you go swimming.

Wonder Woman hell no

As if?! You’ll sit by the pool and sunbathe maybe, but nobody better be splashing anywhere near you.

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Trump Doesn’t Want Mexicans Judging Him, So We Found A Bunch Of White People To Do It For Us


Trump Doesn’t Want Mexicans Judging Him, So We Found A Bunch Of White People To Do It For Us

Sean Rayford/Getty Image

Donald Trump, who launched his campaign by claiming Mexican immigrants were rapists and drug dealers, continued his attack on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge overseeing the Trump University lawsuit, by telling the Wall Street Journal that Judge Curiel needs to recuse himself from the case because of his Mexican heritage.

“I’m building a wall. It’s an inherent conflict of interest.”

Credit: @reidepstein/Twitter

It’s our job to cover this latest incident. However, as the son of two Mexican immigrants, I fear that anything I say might be undermined by my “inherent conflict of interest.” As such, I will recuse myself from making any type of comment and will instead turn it over to those who don’t have the same “inherent conflict of interest”: white people.

Here is how white people reacted to Donald Trump’s latest comments:

Credit: @mattdpearce/Twitter

Credit: @jesseberney/Twitter

Credit: @lukeoneil47/Twitter
Credit: @JohnJHarwood/Twitter
Credit: @LOLGOP/Twitter
Credit: @YAppelbaum/Twitter

And for good measure, here’s Fox host Megyn Kelly emphatically explain to another white person how off-base Donald Trump’s initial comments are:

Credit: Chase Odenkirk/YouTube

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