#GrowingUpCuban Tweets That All Cubanos Know as Truth

Nothing compares to a Cuban upbringing. As a Cubano, you’re immersed in Latino and Caribbean culture – that means pastelitos de guayaba y queso and Ceila Cruz blasting on the radio. These tweets are nothing but the *TRUTH* when it comes to growing up Cuban:

One cafécito cubano and you’re awake all week.

Mami and Papi are master wordsmiths.


Cuban parents also expect you to have your pilas on at all time.

You know not to leave a single dish in the sink.

Your dishwasher is your two hands and the sponge.

Birth names are always forgotten.

And so are brand names.

We trust our abuelitas blindly.

And these were the most exciting part of lunch.

Everything turns into a family reunion.

Everyone you meet is related in some way.

Your parents are always sending packages to Cuba.

You have to argue that you are Latino.

But once everyone learns you’re Cuban, they tell you the same jokes.

People think you are loud, until they learn you’re Cuban.

Suavemente played at every family gathering, more than once.

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