Growing Up This Is What We All Loved About The Swapmeet

There was no family field trip like going to the crazy packed swapmeet on the weekends. No matter how tiring the shopping was, everyone loved going to the swapmeet… For one reason, or another.

Your parents prepped you for a day at the swapmeet the same way they did with road trips.

They threw all your brothers and sisters into the car and loaded strollers, blankets, food, pets. Literally everything they saw because they needed to prepare for anything during your adventure.

Mom loved going because she’d come up on some *expensive* purses.


The purses were always fake, but no one knew that but the two of you.

And your dad was mostly excited about getting new botas y tejanas for the party.


He had to be prepared for the next baile.

But you loved shopping for these trendy chancla slippers.


They were like the Birkenstock chanclas of the swapmeet.

The swapmeet was the only place you could land these kinds of deals on sexy outfits.


Versace? Nah. More like, “VERSEXY”. ?

You weren’t swagged out certified until you got your custom spray painted t-shirt or hoodie.


You customized the font, size, color and style. Swapmeet exclusives.

But you couldn’t leave without completing your outfit with new jewelry. ?

There’s something for the whole family.

When winter was approaching, this is where you’d stock up on fresh San Marcos blankets.


Only biggest and warmest blankets in the world.

And you were always excited to add some more video games to your collection.


You had to blow in them to make them work, but for $5 it was worth burning out both of your lungs.

You probably didn’t have an iPod back then, but your entire CD and record collection came courtesy of the swapmeet.


Most of them were copies of copies of copies, but who could tell the difference?

As a kid, the best part was going shopping for TOYS! ?


It wasn’t as fancy as Toys-R-Us, but toys were cheaper, which meant you could buy more! ?

“Pásele, pásele, barato, barato, one dollar.”

And of course, you couldn’t leave without feasting on all this bomb food.

You had to take a break from all that shopping under the 80º sun and there was no better way to do that than reenergize at the food stands.

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