#GrowingUpHispanic Means VapoRub, Walter Mercado, Chanclas, and So Much Cleaning

Growing up Hispanic means living Hispanic at home and American everywhere else. But that doesn’t mean mami and papi don’t have their tricks to keep you under control when you are out of their sight. Twitter is educating the world about what it is like #GrowingUpHispanic. Here are things everyone should understand about being Hispanic.

Our households function a little differently than most.


How you cleaned determined your social life.

You had to learn to entertain yourself, or else…

But, no matter what, your parents thought you were lazy.

Even though this was how mami stored her pots and pans.

And, somehow, this was always the trash can.

7-Up and Vicks were all you needed to get through any illness.

There was never a chance of grabbing food on the way home.

Which means you would be facing the worst recorded heat wave.

Unless this man saved your day.

Growing up means something different to Hispanic parents.

Birthday parties were always longer than they needed to be.

You could never just leave a family get-together.

All stores have two names: their real name and abuelitas name.

Mom knew how to punish you no matter where you were.

Hispanic TV was always more of a trend report.


It was also the forecast to your life.

We were blingin, as soon as we came out the womb.

Credit: @blazinvalry / Twitter

Because we were born fabulous ?✨.

We listened to the best pop bands.

¡Y soy rebelde!

No matter our age, Hispanic parents are always suspicious.

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