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Foods Mexicans Cannot Eat without Limón

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Try making it to the end without salivating ???.

Be honest, the only reason you eat fruit is when it’s drenched in lime.

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And a hint of tajín ?.

That includes apples…

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Pomegranate tastes that much better with a sprinkle of lime.

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No doubt, the best part — after finishing the actual fruit — is drinking the lime juice.

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Veggies, like potatoes, don’t get left out.

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Just look at how they glistens ?.

Beans taste that much better with a hint of limón.

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The Mexican favorite is CORN.

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Proteins, veggies and limón are things of dreams.

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Because baconnnn.

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And how many of you – or your dads – add a ton of limón to cueritos?

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It’s the only reason we eat them.

There’s a whole list of things that fall under the Mexican law of don’t eat unless it has limón, like…

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And a ton of Tapatío.

And you eat Hot Cheetos with lime (ALWAYS using utensils).

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Beer just isn’t the same without a bright green wedge.

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And tequila tastes so much better with lime.

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But some people’s obsession with lime just gets weird.

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Only a Mexican would add lime to sushi.

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And wings. Does this even make sense?

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And when you’re starving, some tacos de aguacate con limón always come through.

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Or on chips when you don’t have guac.

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But most importantly, it cures all.

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Racist Oregonian Plumber Can't Tell the Difference Between Latinos and Arabs

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Racist Oregonian Plumber Can’t Tell the Difference Between Latinos and Arabs

Credit: @i440 / Twitter

Some people will never learn that if you’re doing something stupid and someone is recording it, it’s gonna end up on the Internet. Just ask this guy, who was caught on video spewing an anti-Latino racial rant while driving in Oregon.

A Facebook video featuring a man screaming anti-Latino slurs at another driver has gone viral. *Warning: Offensive language.*

Credit: Conald Frostig-Miller / YouTube

The incident happened in Beaverton, Oregon during the first week of 2016.

But the woman he was yelling at is NOT Latina…she is Arab.

Susan Khalaf, the woman who recorded the video, was born in California and is of Jordanian descent. “Before I was able to catch the first part of what he was saying on camera, I couldn’t believe he was saying it, telling me, ‘You immigrant, go back to your country,'” Khalaf told KATU2.

Soon after the release of the video, the man was identified as Joseph Metoxen by social media users. He was promptly fired from his job at Wolcott Plumbing.

A note from our President:

“First of all, this is a very upsetting situation. Under no circumstances do I personally,…

Posted by Wolcott Plumbing on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

“Upon further investigation today, I learned and confirmed it was one of my employees in the video. This employee was immediately terminated,” Wolcott Plumbing President posted to the company Facebook.

But that’s not all. Metoxen said he feared for his safety after the video went viral, so he called the cops to protect him.


Credit: Minions / Illumination Entertainment / iamchrischow / Tumblr

Unfortunately for Metoxen, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office found an outstanding warrant (not related to road rage) and they quickly arrested him at his home.

Credit: Celebrity Dachshund / Giphy / momvsmarathon

^^Kind of like this.

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One can only hope Metoxen is rethinking his actions on that fateful January day. Because all we’re thinking is:

Credit: Columbia Pictures / Reddit

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