Foods Mexicans Cannot Eat without Limón

Try making it to the end without salivating ???.

Be honest, the only reason you eat fruit is when it’s drenched in lime.


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And a hint of tajín ?.

That includes apples…

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Pomegranate tastes that much better with a sprinkle of lime.


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No doubt, the best part — after finishing the actual fruit — is drinking the lime juice.

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Veggies, like potatoes, don’t get left out.


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Just look at how they glistens ?.

Beans taste that much better with a hint of limón.


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The Mexican favorite is CORN.


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Proteins, veggies and limón are things of dreams.


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Because baconnnn.

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And how many of you – or your dads – add a ton of limón to cueritos?


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It’s the only reason we eat them.

There’s a whole list of things that fall under the Mexican law of don’t eat unless it has limón, like…

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And a ton of Tapatío.

And you eat Hot Cheetos with lime (ALWAYS using utensils).

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Beer just isn’t the same without a bright green wedge.

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And tequila tastes so much better with lime.


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But some people’s obsession with lime just gets weird.

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Only a Mexican would add lime to sushi.

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And wings. Does this even make sense?

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And when you’re starving, some tacos de aguacate con limón always come through.

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Or on chips when you don’t have guac.


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But most importantly, it cures all.

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