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Every Latino Knows These Basic Meals Hit the Spot

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These may look basic like basic meals, but you know they hit the spot when you were starving at home ’cause mom wasn’t there to hook you up with a meal.

Huevos con winnie was the go-to breakfast.

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When you were out of egg, tacos de winnie also got the job done.

This is the fucking best breakfast ever!!!! #winnie #asado #tacosdewinnie #pukyscreation

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When you were out of bread, this is how you made hot dogs at home.

What chu know about Tacwinnie's?? #taco #winnies the Mexican HotDog

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For lunch, tacos de queso fresco con aguacate always made your mouth water.

Just ad garlic salt and ?. #comfortfood #tacosdeaguacate

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Tacos de sal were perfect when you were on the go.

I Love Salt Tacos with freshly made tortilla #Mexico #TacoDeSal #VisitMexico #FoodPorn

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You’d throw in a little sour cream when you were feeling fancy.

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Queso made everything better, even helped frijoles taste not so basic.

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The quesadilla was a classic staple.

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A better version of a grilled cheese.

Fideos were your version of comfort food.

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Good for the soul.

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But there was nothing better than Maruchan con limón y Tapatío.

Bad food once a year! ??? trash in my body! ?#maruchan #valentina #lemon

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You were into nopales before succulents became a trend.

Nopales <3

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Because cajeta > Nutella any day.

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When nothing else was in your fridge, eating this felt like you were having a gourmet treat.

Love #aguacate ? #comida #food

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Just add a little salt y sas!

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