Every Latino Knows These Basic Meals Hit the Spot

These may look basic like basic meals, but you know they hit the spot when you were starving at home ’cause mom wasn’t there to hook you up with a meal.

Huevos con winnie was the go-to breakfast.

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When you were out of egg, tacos de winnie also got the job done.

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When you were out of bread, this is how you made hot dogs at home.

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For lunch, tacos de queso fresco always made your mouth water.

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Tacos de sal were perfect when you were on the go.

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You’d throw in a little sour cream when you were feeling fancy.

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Queso made everything better, even helped frijoles taste not so basic.

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The quesadilla was a classic staple.

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A better version of a grilled cheese.

Fideos were your version of comfort food.

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Good for the soul.

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But there was nothing better than Maruchan con limón y Tapatío.

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You were into nopales before succulents became a trend.


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Because cajeta > Nutella any day.

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When nothing else was in your fridge, eating this felt like you were having a gourmet treat.


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Just add a little salt y sas!

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