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11 Central American Foods That Might Take Over Your Love For Tacos

Credit: Flavors Of Belize / YouTube

Mexican tacos and tostilocos get so much glory when it comes to Latin food, but these dishes from the rest of LatAm pack an equally drool-worthy punch…

1. Baleadas


Think of this Honduran dish as the cool, mysterious cousin of the quesadilla. A thick flour tortilla doesn’t play when it’s stuffed with refried beans and crema and it’s finished off with a healthy dose of cheese. #winning

Looking for a breakfast version of this dish?

Credit: @cocobaleadasmiami / Instagram

Ask for a special baleada, which has scrambled eggs added into the mix.

2. Pupusas

These are not diet friendly, but when has that ever stopped us? This masa de maiz dish is made using a cornmeal dough stuffed with combinations of either cheese, loroco (a vine flower bud), refried beans and pork. Don’t forget the cold salsa and curtido that make the warm pupusa taste soooo refreshing.

3. Empanadas de Platano

Salvadoran empanadas de platano are like little pillows of heaven sprinkled with hada madrina fairy dust (aka azúcar) on top. Sweet plantains are mashed up, filled with milk custard and then deep fried…basically what dreams are made of.

4. Tostones con Queso

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What do you need to know about tostones? Deep. Fried. Queso. ‘Nuff said.

5. Belizean Black Fruit Cake

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This is not your basic fruit cake. Belizean fruit cake takes it up a notch with rón. You heard that right – it’s sweet and you won’t have to deal with dry cake drama.

6. Guatemalan Tamales

Craving Guatemalan chicken tamales? Crave no more… #antiguabread #tamales #highlandpark #90042 #guatemalantamales #blackbeans #frijolesnegros

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Bigger is better in Guatemala – the tamales wrapped in banana leaves and are two to three times larger than a traditional Mexican tamal.  ?

7. Refresco de Ensalada

Credit: LaCocinadeLupita / YouTube

Damn, El Salvador. Back at it again with the delicious cuisine! This drinkable fruit salad quenches your thirst after eating pupusas. The chopped apples, oranges, pineapples and mangos makes it kind of like a tropical vacation served in a glass.

8. Casado


A casado meal is winning at life. This dish from Costa Rica has everything you need to make your body happy: protein, veggies, carbs all on a plate that will make you go ?.

9. Pipa Fria

Forget boxed coconut water, this is the legit way to drink a coco. In Costa Rica, pipas are sold on beaches and with some swift handling of a machete from the vendor, a straw is all you need to enjoy this refreshing drink. Bonus: add rum or tequila for the best cocktail of your life. Bottoms up!

10. Fried Yojoa Fish

Need a dish to get you through Lent? Make baby Jesus happy by eating some deep fried and salted Yojoa fish. Tajaditas (deep fried and sliced plantains), pickled red cabbage and pickled onions usually cozy up as side dishes to this type of fish dish.

11. Sancocho

Especially popular with natives around carnaval time, sancocho is a stew made with chicken, yams, yucca, cilantro and onion. Food for the soul.

Which Central American dish do you like the most? Share this story with your friends and tell them which plato is the one you can’t live without!

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