People On The Internet Are Freaking Out Over La Chancla

About a year ago, a photo of a normal dress nearly tore this country apart.

Some people saw a black and blue dress. Others saw a white and gold dress. After months of heated debates and angry words, both sides agreed to disagree so they could get back to their lives. But ceasefire just ended.

Thanks to this recent Twitter photo, people are choosing sides yet again.

Is it a white and gold chancla? Or is it black and blue chancla?

Haven’t you already caused enough damage, chancla?


Why do you have to cause mental abuse too?

Of course, people are already back on social media, freaking out.

It’s too late for this poor soul.

Don’t stare too long, you might lose your mind.


No matter what color you see, la chancla is going to break you!

This person is trying to put it to a vote.

La chancla doesn’t care about democracy.

Even mitú Facebook friends can’t handle it.

CREDIT: Wearemitu / Facebook

Some can only see it one way.

CREDIT: Wearemitu / Facebook

Others aren’t so lucky.

CREDIT: Wearemitu / Facebook

But we can all agree, the color won’t matter when ‘ma gets a hold of it.

Credit: we are mitú / Facebook

Until we figure out for sure what’s going on with la chancla, it might be best to cover your eyes.


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