People On The Internet Are Freaking Out Over La Chancla

About a year ago, a photo of a normal dress nearly tore this country apart.

Some people saw a black and blue dress. Others saw a white and gold dress. After months of heated debates and angry words, both sides agreed to disagree so they could get back to their lives. But ceasefire just ended.

Thanks to this recent Twitter photo, people are choosing sides yet again.

Is it a white and gold chancla? Or is it black and blue chancla?

Haven’t you already caused enough damage, chancla?


Why do you have to cause mental abuse too?

Of course, people are already back on social media, freaking out.

It’s too late for this poor soul.

Don’t stare too long, you might lose your mind.


No matter what color you see, la chancla is going to break you!

This person is trying to put it to a vote.

La chancla doesn’t care about democracy.

Even mitú Facebook friends can’t handle it.

CREDIT: Wearemitu / Facebook

Some can only see it one way.

CREDIT: Wearemitu / Facebook

Others aren’t so lucky.

CREDIT: Wearemitu / Facebook

But we can all agree, the color won’t matter when ‘ma gets a hold of it.

Credit: we are mitú / Facebook

Until we figure out for sure what’s going on with la chancla, it might be best to cover your eyes.


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After Mailing Their Chanclas To The Netflix Offices And Signing A Petition, These ‘Sense8’ Fans Are Finally Getting What They Wished For


After Mailing Their Chanclas To The Netflix Offices And Signing A Petition, These ‘Sense8’ Fans Are Finally Getting What They Wished For

When Netflix announced that one of their original shows, “Sense8,” was being canceled, fans could not deal with the news. Not only was “Sense8” one of the most diverse shows to ever be on Netflix, but the show was being canceled right after a huge cliffhanger from Season 2. Because of this, fans decided to take matters into their own hands, and this is what happened:

Earlier this month, Netflix revealed the bad news that “Sense8” was going to be canceled. And this is how fans reacted:

To make matters worse, the last episode was a major cliffhanger.

Thousands of fans signed a petition, and some mailed their chanclas to the Netflix offices in hopes that they would bring the show back.

These fans were not just going to sit back and let this happen. Some even went as far as canceling their Netflix subscriptions as part of the protest.

A month after the petition started, people were starting to lose hope…

But then, “Sense8” posted this letter:



And just six minutes after “Sense8” had published their letter, Netflix then posted this video on their Twitter:

BRB, Imma go cry.

Needless to say, “Sense8” fans completely LOST IT.

So. Many. Emotions.

Even though Netflix is not promising an entire third season, at least “Sense8” fans will get to have some sort of closure now, and that’s what they’re most happy about.

Freakin’ finally.

The actors from “Sense8” also couldn’t be happier and grateful for having such a huge support system.

After all, it was thanks to the protest and petition from the fans that this two-hour finale was made possible.

Now these fans are clapping back to everyone who said getting “Sense8” back was going to be impossible. ??

Anything is possible. And this “Sense8” comeback proves it. ?

Keep an eye out for this two-hour special, which will air in 2018.

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We Photoshopped Movie Posters With Chanclas, Because Why Not?

bad hombres

We Photoshopped Movie Posters With Chanclas, Because Why Not?

Disclaimer: Chancla jokes are the hackiest trope in Latino comedy. We know they can be looked down upon as embarrassing as puns. But sometimes you can’t help it! It’s something that gave us years of trauma and now finally we can look back and laugh how ridiculous that fear was. With that said, please enjoy how I’ve shamelessly shoehorned a chancla spin to classic movie titles that had nothing to do with your mom or abuelita until I ruined them.

Willy Wonka & The Chancla Factory

Credit: Christina Henderson

Based on “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory,” only none of the kids make it to the end of the tour in this version. Finding a golden ticket to the chancla factory is a just a metaphor, but it’s redeemable for a lifetime supply of beatings from abuela.

C For Chancala

Credit: Christina Henderson

Same plot as “V For Vendetta,” but starring your abuela. Stand up and be crushed beneath the oppressive might of her chancletas.


Credit: Christina Henderson

I haven’t even seen “Chocolat,” the movie this brilliant pun is based on, but I imagine it’s about a couple that eats chocolate. Like, a lot. So much that the whole premise centers around a competitive eating contest and the subsequent battle with diabetes. Anyway, in the chancla version, the couple eats chanclas instead. It’s insane. People should definitely not eat footwear. Controversial, I know, but that’s my stance on that.

Fifty Shades of Chancla

Credit: Christina Henderson

Not as sexy as the movie based on the book, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but it has a similar premise: pain for pleasure. A guy who gets turned on by pain, purposely doesn’t finish his enchilada in front of his abuela. Beatings ensue and wackiness follows.


Credit: Christina Henderson

Poltergeists are the vengeful spirits of abuelas who’ve died because you threw away food instead of putting it in the Tupperware. This movie would be a lot like “Ghostbusters,” only scarier.


Credit: Christina Henderson

The first rule of Chanclub is: You do not talk about Chanclub. The second rule of Chanclub is: You do not talk about Chanclub. Third rule of Chanclub is: Well, you get it. It’s a club you can’t talk about. It’s like “Fight Club,” but in the end, the twist is… (SPOILERS!) You were abuela the WHOLE time!


Credit: Christina Henderson

Way scarier than “Jaws.” Just when you thought it was safe to go tip toe back home at 3 a.m., you remember there’s a chancla waiting to be thrown at you for missing curfew.

The Chancleta

Credit: Christina Henderson

The Godfather” is very different if you imagine everyone dies from chanclas instead of guns. Okay, maybe not “different,” but definitely weirder and somehow more violent.


Credit: Christina Henderson

In this “Terminator” ripoff, abuela has traveled back in time to punish you for going out on Good Friday. It’s up to a robot that was inexplicably programmed with an Austrian accent to save you with a fish sandwich before you eat meat instead.

You get the point: Chancla in the title without rhyme or reason…

Credit: Christina Henderson

This “Jurassic Park” one is it. That’s all I got. It took everything in me not to do another…

Oh, no — I lied!

Credit: Christina Henderson

Okay. This “America Beauty” one really is the last one. I promise. It’s not even a pun. And, it kind of ruins this whole thing. I just wanted to do it because I’m a monster. Anyway, don’t let that stop you from getting in on the fun! If you’re savvy with Photoshop or really know your way around MS Paint, here’s some movie posters I wanted to make but didn’t have the guts:

“Chancla La Land,” “Casachancla,” “A Chancla Named Desire,” “X-Men: Achanclalypse,” “The Secret Lives of Chanclas,” “Glengarry Glen Chancla,” “The Man from C.H.A.N.C.L.A.

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