Latino Parents Are Masters Of Comedy And These Prank Gifts Are All The Proof You Need

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¡Feliz Navidad! It’s time for family, food, and…presents? Let’s just hope tío doesn’t try to pawn off a 1st generation iPhone on you again. #MiPeorRegaloNavideño proves Latinos are the best at giving gifts that’ll make you say, “WTF?!”

Company swag is NEVER the answer.

I am already here Monday through Friday from 9 to 5…what makes anyone think would I want to see the company logo at home, too?

Some gifts are meant to send you a subtle hint strong message.

And if the church deems you a strange pilgrim, it might be time to reevaluate your life.

Specificity is the key to really getting what your want for Christmas.

Because if you just say iPhone, they’ll assume you don’t care if it’s generation 1 or the latest on the shelf.

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PSA: Don’t accept gifts from enemies.

Just because you feel full of the Christmas spirit, doesn’t mean your arch rival is.

Clothing is always a problem during Christmas.

They are either never the right size…

Not your color…

Or they have the wrong superhero. ?

It’s always better to just ask for cash or gift cards.

When you want the latest technology, make sure it’s not from the swap meats.

Though, technically, it is what you asked for, no?

Someone will always try to out do everyone by giving you the latest fad.

And they always expect you to use it whether or not you know how.

Only Latinos give you food as a gift when they know you’re dieting. #Evil

And they give you as much food a possible.

It’s kind of cute how abuelita thinks she knows your musical taste.

Every year I pray that her musical tastes get better and every year I’m disappointed. ?

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The worst present is no present at all.

So. Sad.

But if you look hard enough, even the worst presents can bring you untold joy.


What’s the worst Christmas present you ever received? Share this story with your friends and see who has the worst story.

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