Expectations Guys Have of Their Latina GFs

Men dream of dating Latinas for so many reasons…DUH! We’re beautiful, intelligent and so much fun. But for some reason they also believe these crazy stereotypes about dating a Latina that are completely false, like…

She’ll Welcome You Home with a Home-cooked Meal Every Night

real housewives

What is this, the 1950s? With a full-time career and other hobbies, ain’t nobody got time for that. Hungry? Cook yourself.

Latinas are Passionate Like Porn Stars


Latinas are hyper-sexualized on TV and in movies, but unless you’re a 14 year-old pre-adolescent, you should understand the difference between on-screen and real life. If you want to have sex with a porn star, date one, end of story.

Her Hips Don’t Lie


Not every Latina woman loves to dance, or can shake it like Shakira.

She’ll Clean Up after You

family guy

Like any woman, she’ll probably get pissed your living room is hecho un desmadre (whether you live together or not). But don’t put money on her cleaning up after you.

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Latinas are Always Sweet and Passive


That can be true – until you piss them off, then you better hide… 20 feet underground.

She’ll Do As You Say


Try it. We dare you. We double dare you.

They All Have that Sexy Accent



Newsflash: not every Latina has an accent.

Se Habla Español


Every Latina in the world knows the word amor in Spanish – even non-Latinos know that! But it might just be as far as she goes with her Spanish.

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You’ll Have to Meet Her 47 Tías y Tíos


Umm… Some don’t even have aunts and uncles.

She’ll Look Like this in Bootyshorts



Perky boobs, guitar-shaped bodies and a J.Lo-type booty isn’t the mold for every Latina.

They’re All God-Fearing Women



Ya, because all Latina women ever do is go to mass, it’s like their high point of the week ?.

They’re Loud and Tempermental

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

FYI, Gloria Delgado-Pritchett is a fictional character Sofia Vergara plays. Quiet, shy Latinas are not an endangered species.

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