Everyone Has That Cool Young Tía, And This Is What You Love About Her

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At every family gathering, she’s usually the life of the party and your favorite person to hang out with: your youngest tía. She’s the kindest, coolest and most fun aunt ever. Here’s why:

She’s always one of the first ones to like and comment on all of your pictures.


Her compliments are the sweetest. ?

She’s always down to take you out to the most fun places.?


Whether it’s going to a concert or out for a swim out at the lake, your youngest tía always says “yes” and you love it.

At family parties, she’s the one always goofing around.?



She’s the life of the party. If it wasn’t for her, you’d most likely be bored.

She knows about the hottest bars and clubs.?


So you can always count on her for a fun night out- and since she’s your tía, your mom can’t say no. ?

She also lets you get away with things your mom probably wouldn’t.

#felizdía ?#lamejorestilista✂ #mitía #tqm?

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I mean, can she get any cooler?

She defends you from your parents whenever you’re in trouble for something.

La más pinche hermosa del condado. ?❤️ #loveher #tiafavorita #nosamamos #happiness

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You can always run to her for protection.

She has your back at all times.❤️


No matter what it is, she’s there for you — for the good and the bad.

Best of all, she doesn’t judge you.


Which is why you love her the most. You can totally be yourself around her without being criticized.

And since she’s the youngest, she’s the most relatable. She’s pretty much like the older sister you never had. ?


She is lowkey your tía favorita and you don’t know what you would do without her.?

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Latino Artists Killing It At This Year's Art Basel In Miami


Latino Artists Killing It At This Year’s Art Basel In Miami

credit: @dasicfernandez/Instagram

Sometimes Art Basel can be overshadowed by the beautiful people and ?parties?, but if you want to take a little break from the sun, tequila and guest lists, here are some Latino artists you can catch at this year’s Art Basel – so you know, you can actually say you saw some art.


Mexico City based design firm Pedro&Juana, founded by Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo and Mecky Reuss, are presenting “Sobremesa,” an interactive installation inspired by the Latino tradition of lingering and talking with friends and family at the dinner table, post-meal. As a collaboration with Airbnb, the installation will consist of a transparent house structure with a courtyard, which will transform as the week goes on, to symbolize how homes and people change when they are shared.

Design/Miami Art Fair, Nov 30-Dec 4


Sangree is a collective of Mexican artists, Rene Godinez Pozas and Carlos Lara. They recently debuted their Unclassified Site Museum installation in downtown Denver, so there’s a good chance that whatever work they have planned during the 12 Hours of NAAFI party during Basel is going to be rad. ?

Red Bull Academy Presents 12 Hours of NAAFI, Dec. 1, 21+

Narciso Rodriguez

The Narciso Rodriguez: An Exercise in Minimalism exhibit at Frost Art Museum is the perfect stop for those fashion lovers out there who want to bask in the work of one of the most influential Latino fashion designers in history. The exhibit is co-curated by Elle Magazine’s Creative Director, Alex Gonzalez, and features over 40 garments and purses that will make you drool. Bring mami or take your boo to drop some hints for Christmas gift ideas.

Frost Art Museum, Oct. 16- Jan. 8, 2017

José Parlá

Miami-bred-Brooklyn-residing Cuban artist José Parlá is coming back to his hometown for a special exhibit with YoungArts titled, Roots. The artist, whose work is featured at landmarks like One World Trade Center, writes of his inspiration for Roots, “No matter where we come from, in this country as in many other melting pots around the globe, throughout our shared histories, migrations, and immigration, mixed race roots contribute to the fiber of the beauty that is humanity.” Free admission and free to the public!

YoungArts Foundation, Nov. 29- Dec. 15

Alex Yanes

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Fountain of youth 👴🏻

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Miami-based artist Alex Yanes is known for his vibrant, whimsical mixed-media pieces, and you’ll have plenty of chances to check out some of his newest work. He’ll have his work at the Thinkspace booth at Scope Art Fair and will reveal a massive mural installation as part of Juxtapoz Magazine’s Art Basel takeover in Wynwood.

Juxtapoz Clubhouse, Dec. 1-Dec. 4

Dasic Fernandez

Wynwood Walls are a Miami art institution and are always holding it down for local artists, above all. Dasic Fernandez will be one of the artists unveiled during the new collection of murals on Nov. 29. He credits street graffiti and South American culture as his biggest influences.

Wynwood Walls, Nov. 30-Dec 1

Paulo Nazareth


Paulo Nazareth is one of 12 Brazilian artists who will be showcased at the Rubbell Family Collection’s exhibit, New Shamans/Novos Xamãs. Nazareth’s work is known for its commentary on race and class struggle in his native Brazil and South America as a whole.

RFC Museum, Nov. 30

Aaron De La Cruz

Aaron de la Cruz’s signature minimal, yet intricate, work will be on display during a special pop-up shop with iconic fashion brand, Maison Margiela. He will be painting a live installation during the event.

MM6 Pop-up, Nov. 29, RSVP only

Brujas and Venus X

While not technically art, badass Bronx all-female skate crew Brujas is partnering with Future Archives and Skate Free for a sweet party at Lot 22 Skate Park during Art Basel. The Brujas will be leading the skate session and NYC DJ Venus X will be providing the sounds, so this could be a really good spot to hang out and chill with some good people before your next party.

Lot 22 Skate Park, RSVP, Dec. 3

Diana Garcia

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Bison’s medicine includes manifestation, protection, earth creativity, feminine courage, abundance, knowledge, generosity, hospitality, sharing work, courage, strength, challenge, survival, giving for the greater good, formulating beneficial plans. That´s the medicine our brothers and sisters from the Sioux tribe are carrying defending OUR water. Thank you, thank you, thank you🙌🏼✨🙌🏼 Grateful for their example of protest. It´s how we all should deal with the multiple challenges we´re experiencing around the world these days. Speaking out loud with love, in peace, from our hearts. Mother will guide us if we listen, she wants us to be present and aware of how we react, letting our emotions on a side, but standing strong. It´s time to change things inside us, so they can be manifested like a healing twirling Rainbow all around. We are the Rainbow Warriors. It´s our time✨ I’ll be donating the $ from these prints, so get yours and support the cause. For details, email me at: info@bewhatyoudream.com #defendthesacred #standingrock #nodapl #waterislife #ichoosemagic #bewhatyoudream #nodapl @nodapl

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Diana Garcia is a Mexican artist and actress currently living in Los Angeles. For Art Basel, the trendy hotel Freehand Miami will be hosting a night of Mexican art, at which she will unveil her newest mural. To keep on theme, there will be a pop-up taco truck and Don Julio tequila flowing. This sounds like a perfect night.

Freehand Miami, Dec. 1

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Plan on going to Art Basel this year? Which artists/parties do you have your eye on?