Everyday Mexican Victories that Deserve a Medal

Seriously for all this, we deserve a damn medal.

When mom makes tacos for dinner and you only have two because you’re on a diet.

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True hero right here.

Perfectly slicing an avocado is like ?.

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You win at life.

When you walk by a fan without singing the Rosa de Guadalupe Song. 


When you tie your ponytail and the tie goes around three times perfectly.

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Not too loose, not too tight – it takes skill.

When you dance “Caballo Dorado” without missing a beat.

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You’ve been perfecting these moves since you were three.

When you wake up… without a hangover.

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Could’ve gone for one more drink, but ya didn’t. You champ, you.

When you open a Mazapán and it doesn’t crack.

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Your talent deserves an award.

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When you pick a Tajín that didn’t clump at the end.

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That, like, almost never happens.

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When you can rap the entire Caso Cerrado without fumbling.

Credit: Tiger Madrigal / YouTube

Fetty Wap who? You’s a rap queen.

When you achieve your life goals.

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You never thought you’d see the day.

When bae tells you he ran into his ex and you don’t lose your sh*t.

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You were composed like the classy person you are.

When someone asks for Takis and you share.

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Your sacrifice deserves to be rewarded.

When you translate for your friends.

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Your act of charity deserves recognition.

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