Valentine Day Pick-Up Lines That Will Only Work On Latinos

We have the perfect card for every kind of lover in your life.

For that lady who shot right through your heart with an arrow.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

I won the lotería when I got you.

Forget media naranja, this one’s for the chile to your limón.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

Your love burns, sometimes hurts, but I’m still addicted to you.

Here’s to your sweet & spicy Valentine.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

Without you, I always feel like there’s something missing… Just like with chile.

To that one you’re trying to drop hints to.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

Because there’s nothing wrong with a classic pick-up line.

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Para el que no te pela.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

For sure la reina del friend-zone would love this.

Or the one that got away.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

You know, the one you drunk-dial after a few shots of tequila.

For the f*ck boy in your life.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

Also known as la rata inmunda.

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To the one who always answers your late-night calls.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez


For that woman who has no flaws in your eyes.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

Every time you look at her, it’s like ?.

This one’s for the one who makes you feel good inside and out ?.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

Aka, the best part.

For the one you like… But isn’t worth your time.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

The one you love for have inside… their bank account.

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This one’s perfect for your side chic or sancho.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

Or gay lover.

This is perfect for that asshole who was a waste of time.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

*You can bidi bidi bom bom out of my life* ??

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For those who are still trying to get over their ex.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez


These are the words you always dedicated to your love.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

Chente always comes through with the perfect lyrics.

For that sweet love of your life.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

When you’re in love, but you’re also hungry.

This goes to that special someone you want to want to protect for the rest of your life ?.

Credit: Sayuri Jiménez

For. The. Win.

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