Here’s a Breakdown of Every Type of Tío Latino that Exists

No family is complete with out these crazy tíos.

El Borracho


Credit: @oddd_ball / Instagram

He’s also the one who sings rancheras with the mariachi.

The One Who’s Overly Nice

Credit: @ciraudoantonela / Instagram

He gives the creepiest hugs.

The Cool One


Credit: @valentinpaloma / Instagram

He’s more like an older brother.

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And the Not So-Cool One

Credit: George Lopez Show / ABC / msquartermaine / Tumblr

He gives you sh*t for everything… because he had beef with your dad.

The Eternal Bachelor

Credit: gasp0ne / Tumblr

He’s always trying to see what’s up with your friends. Creep.

The One Who’s Only Said Three Words to You Your Whole Life

Credit: @luisyto83 / Instagram

Mij0, feliz cumpleaños.

Then There’s the Funny One


Credit: @daniielainciiarte / Instagram

His jokes are worse than your dad’s.

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Your Second Dad


Credit: @ocampocatalina / Instagram

He’s had your back since day one.

The One Who Thinks He’s a Financial Advisor

Credit: mudwerks / Tumblr

Always nagging to your parents about why they spent so much money on their house, car and even your tuition. Chill out tío, it ain’t your money.

The One Who Looks Nothing Like the Rest of Your Uncles

Credit: @renan_shida / Instagram

Y esos ojazos, ¿de dónde salieron?

El Rancherito

Credit: javiertorresmx / Tumblr

He’s so in touch with his roots.

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The One Who Scares All Your Boyfriends

Credit: valerievee2323 / Tumblr

But he only wants what’s best for you.

The One Who Inspires You


Credit: @adrian_paaixao / Instagram

He’s always pushing you to do your best by setting the example.

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