Every Latino Has All These Types Of Salsa Dancers In Their Family

Honestly, you’ve probably done most of these.

1. The One Who Is Always Doing The Most

Credit: Mambo King / Vine

We all have that primo that tries to add something extra.

2. The One Always Dropping It Low

Credit: Steven Lelham / Vine

The real trick is watching them try to stand back up. ?

3. The One Who Does It During Chores

Credit: LeJuan James / Vine

It’s the only way to get through them.

4. The Booty Shaker

Credit: Lana✨❤️✨ / Vine

You know who you are!

5. The One Who Depends On His Hands To Do The Dancing

Credit: Jauregui Uptdate / Vine

You gotta fake it till you make, right?

6. The Sloooooow Salsa Dancer

Credit: Alexis Pearson / Vine

Because if you take your time it looks better, right?

7. The Multi-tasker

Credit: ComedianChris / Vine

He never puts the phone down.

8. The One Who Feels Himself A Little Too Much

Credit: Jose M. / Vine

He doesn’t care if he doesn’t have a dance partner.

9. The One Who Dances In His Seat

Credit: Carlos Molina / Vine

We’ve all been there after one too many tequila shots.

10. The Twister a.k.a. All-I-Do-Is-Spin

Credit: Julio Lopez / Vine

Because he doesn’t have any other moves.

11. When He Needs To Pee, But The DJ’s Playing His Favorite Song

Credit: Irenes Voiceovers / Vine

Because the DJ may not play the song again.

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