The Best Emoji Texts Only Latinos Totally Get


Emojis are a universal language spoken through just one tiny image. However, there are certain emoji sequences only Latinos get. Here’s proof:

The one from the Selena enthusiast…


Wait, there’s not a sparkly bra emoji? Apple, get on that!

The one from the had-too-much-fun-last-night dude…


We’ve all been there.

The one from mom…


“Mija, where’s the cilantro emoji?”

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The one from the equal emojis activist…


Seriously, where’s the taco emoji?!

The one from the caring sibling…


When you see this text you RUUUUUUUUN!

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And no one texts more powerful emojis than Paquita…


What are your emoji staples? mitú wants to know.  Leave a comment below!

Se Habla Inglés: Call Centers in Mexico are Turning Deportees into Telemarketers

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Se Habla Inglés: Call Centers in Mexico are Turning Deportees into Telemarketers

Deported Mexicans that have spent a lifetime in the United States are becoming a hot commodity at telemarketing companies in Tijuana. Why? Because of their strong grasp of English. Telemarketing companies actively recruit these English speakers to their call centers to do everything from customer service to collecting debt.

A new video by AJ+ tells the story of deportees like Luis Aguero Andrade, who was deported in 2013.


According to the video, 70% of the call center workers are migrants or deportees.

Credit: AJ+ / YouTube

Apparently, they caught these workers on “wear your soccer jersey to the office day.”

The telemarketing execs give an interesting pitch to deportees:

Credit: AJ+ / YouTube

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Andrade appears grateful for the gig, but admits something doesn’t feel quite right:

Credit: AJ+ / YouTube

Watch the full video:

If you were deported, would you take a job like this or try to make your way back to the U.S.?  Tell us in the comments below. 

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