El Día de los Reyes Is the Most Painful and Potentially Dangerous Religious Holiday

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…Not to mention, it’s like a secondary sad Christmas.

The night before, we’d lay out our shoes waiting for gifts from the Three Kings.

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Little girls went to bed dreaming of gifts like these…

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Because if baby Jesus got GOLD, frankincense and myrrh, why couldn’t we get hooked up with a $10 doll? Plus, this was our second chance to get the gifts we really wanted. You know, the ones our parents didn’t get us for Christmas ?.

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Instead, most of us got things like this…


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Or peanuts and oranges. True story.

Then… There’s the rosca tradition.


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It’s like a work of art.

Yeah, it’s SUPER pretty Mexican sweet bread, but…

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We have a few issues.

This always forced us to hold our new year’s resolution six days after it’s original launch date.

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Because we just have to participate in this holy holiday.

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And everyone is trying to avoid getting that tiny doll in their slice of bread.

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Because you know that means you have to make tamales on February 2nd for all your comadres… and their comadres… and their comadre’s comadres… Qué hueva.

It was always the worst feeling when you found this…


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Seriously, FML.

Also, participating in the rosca game is a complete health hazard. How is this FDA approved?

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Danger: you may choke, break a tooth, suffocate and / or end up with a Jesus Junior in your womb.

Next year, I’m trying a safer rosca option.

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This Latina Confronted a Starbucks Barista for Stealing From Her

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This Latina Confronted a Starbucks Barista for Stealing From Her

A Starbucks employee in Bellflower, California just learned a very valuable lesson: NEVER mess with a Latina. The now former-Starbucks employee got caught on video using a customers credit card information for a grocery store trip and the victim was not going away without a fight.

Juana Martinez was pumping herself up in the drive-thru at Starbucks while her husband recorded the video of the confrontation.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.47.01 AM
Credit: brian espinoza / YouTube

“We’re gonna get even,” Martinez says in the video. “That’s what we’re going to do.”

The night before the video, Martinez claimed that $212 was used from her card at a grocery store and this barista was caught on camera.

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“So, just know that the cops are coming up here. They recorded your ass and everything,” Martinez says to the employee. “You took a f—ing copy of my card the other day on New Year’s Day. You know what you did.”

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Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.56.57 AM
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^^That face is the fear only a Latina can inflict.

The former employee quickly admitted to the theft and apologized profusely, even offering to pay the money back right then and there.

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“You’re sorry that you’re about to lose you f—ing job because corporate knows?” Martinez asked interrupting the 19-year-old’s attempt to apologize.

Even though the girl kept trying to talk herself out of it saying she is a good kid who goes to school and plays soccer…

Defend Yourself
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It did nothing to calm Martinez as she laid into the teenage barista.

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According to NBC4 News, Martinez is not going to be pressing charges against the former Starbucks barista saying the viral video is punishment enough.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.56.33 AM
Credit: brian espinoza / YouTube

Watch the full confrontation go down here. *grabs popcorn*

Credit: brian espinoza / YouTube

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