El Chapo’s Text Exchange with Kate Will Give You Relationship Envy

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After it was revealed that Kate del Castillo met with El Chapo to produce his biopic, Mexican newspaper Milenio published a transcript of the text exchange between the two. The last thing anyone expected was for Chapo to be such a charmer. Here’s a roundup of the sweetest things he said to his dama — P.S. Who needs a hot telenovela galán when you have the world’s leading man narco courting you?

From the beginning, he showed his interest for Kate like a smooth, suave casanova.


Unfortunately Kate hit him with the “it’s strictly business” line.

El Chapo got the hint and tried to convince her he also only meant business ?.

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Before letting her know she needs an extra day at his ranch “para convivir.” Chapo, we see you.

Then he gave in again and told her he wanted to wine and dine her – even though it’s not his thing. But more charming than that was when he said how he’d look over her better than he’d take care of his own eyes. And Kate responded ?!

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That line is better than anything from “The Notebook.” *Melting*

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As he was planning his tequila date with Kate, he was in talks with his men to surprise her with a phone. Not just any phone, a feminine, top-of-the-line phone.

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He went on to ask if they had a pink phone available. How did Kate get one of the toughest guys in the world to say rosita? Also, he knows women play it hard-to-get and don’t accept gifts right off the bat. How has he been living in a jungle and still knows all this about women, but guys out here just don’t get it.

He continued to let her know that they would do and drink whatever she wanted, even if it’s not his favorite thing.


He didn’t care to switch Buchanans for wine and champagne as long as he was in her company. Boys, are you taking notes?

And… Kate loved her surprise phone! ?


We need to take a second to admire his perfect spelling and grammar. That’s the real way to our heart.

The more the started talking about their date, the more they started to reveal their feelings for one another. Kate started to show she was interested in meeting him, because of who he is of course, and Chapo assured her like a knight in shinning armor, he’d take care of her.

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And reminded her how amazing she is. He just cannot contain himself.

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Rule #1 in winning over a woman, let her know how wonderful she is every chance you get.

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And the #1 sign she has feelings for you… The winking face.

He even knows to send a good morning text. But what gets Kate blushing is when he tells her he’s more interested in her than anything else. Fireworks!

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You’re earning points when a girl tells you que la chiveaste.

Their relationship takes a turn when Kate ends her text with a kiss!

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How cute is it that he keeps calling her amiga? So polite.

From there, neither one of them hide their emotions.

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And he doesn’t hold back one bit, calling her the most beautiful and most intelligent woman IN THE WORLD.

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Who knew narcos had hearts, too.

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In one of the last messages, El Chapo reminded Kate that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world and how much he likes her. Meanwhile, you’re still waiting for a text back.

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Read the Most Intriguing Texts between Kate del Castillo and El Chapo


Read the Most Intriguing Texts between Kate del Castillo and El Chapo

Alexander Tamargo / Getty

Mexican newspaper Milenio recently published several purported text message exchanges between drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and actor Kate del Castillo. Although it becomes clear that El Chapo was smitten with del Castillo, there are several interesting moments in their conversations. Here’s what stands out:

Kate del Castillo’s first communication with El Chapo is via El Chapo’s attorney.

Credit: Milenio

It appears El Chapo’s attorney met with Kate del Castillo in person and handed over his cell phone to del Castillo so she could communicate with El Chapo.

El Chapo tells del Castillo he’s not much of a drinker, but he will drink tequila and Buchanan’s scotch whiskey to celebrate when they meet.

Credit: Milenio

What does El Chapo mean by “tomaré también del tuyo”? He’s likely referring to Tequila Honor, the tequila brand del Castillo just launched.

Then El Chapo goes into total flirt mode:

Credit: Milenio

“Seremos muy buenos amigos.”

Kate replies that no one has ever protected her before.

Credit: Milenio

When El Chapo’s attorney mentions that del Castillo wants to bring Sean Penn along, he tells El Chapo that Penn is the most recognized actor from the United States.

Credit: Milenio

The most recognized? Not after Gangster Squad. JK JK JK

El Chapo wants to buy Kate del Castillo a pink BlackBerry so they can communicate. He settles on a grey one.

Credit: Milenio

After El Chapo’s attorney informs him the BlackBerry is only available in black or grey, he chooses grey.

El Chapo tells his attorney to remind del Castillo that he wants to drink and dance with her.

Credit: Milenio

According to El Chapo’s attorney, del Castillo thinks Sean Penn is a bigger badass than Marlon Brando.

Credit: Milenio

“Dice la dama que es más chingón que el que hizo la de El Padrino (The lady says he’s a bigger badass than the guy who did The Godfather).”

Once Kate del Castillo has the cell phone El Chapo purchased for her, El Chapo tells her she’ll be safe with him.

Credit: Milenio

Once again, she replies that she feels protected for the very first time.

Credit: Milenio

After their meeting, del Castillo tells El Chapo she can’t sleep because she’s excited about working on his movie. El Chapo’s reply? He cares more about del Castillo than the movie.

Credit: Milenio

El Chapo = ???

Later that month, El Chapo tells del Castillo he wants her to meet his mother.

Credit: Milenio

As Mexican law enforcement officials already know, El Chapo moves fast.

In November, del Castillo informs El Chapo that they need his approval before Sean Penn’s article is published.

Credit: Milenio

Unfortunately for us, Milenio did not publish any text messages that lets us know if Kate del Castillo replied to El Chapo’s “my mom wants to meet you” text. But you can read the whole exchange here.

Update: Kate del Castillo claims the text exchanges are made up.

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