Eddie G! Pledges Pocho Power

Between Two Countries

Mitubero Eddie G! pledges allegiance to two countries, but there’s a problem: neither one truly feels like home. In this poetic rant, Eddie G reclaims the word pocho — a word that was once used as a weapon against him — to embolden all who are in his shoes. Eddie G kicks off the anthem:

“For a long time I struggled with these facts. I’m too Mexican to be American and too ‘white’ to be ‘brown.’ I straddle two languages like I straddle two borders — always one small mistake from being backed into a corner.”

Eddie’s raw emotion is on full display as he touches on nationalism, racism and language, while concluding he may never be Mexican or American enough. But you know what? It’s OK. He loves churros as much as donuts, speaks English with an accent and his Spanish is less than perfect. There’s power in being a pocho, even if Siri responds to his Spanglish commands with heartless rejection.

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