Don’t Tell Her What She Isn’t, Hayley Orrantia Defends Her Latina Roots

She’s saying “Buh-bye!” to haters. Growing up, actress and singer Hayley Orrantia was constantly told she didn’t look Latina enough because of her light-colored skin. Insecurities of not belonging to her beloved culture were compounded by the fact she didn’t speak Spanish.

She hated this. You see, Orrantia is a PROUD Latina. She is orgullosa of her Mexican roots: always checking off the ‘Hispanic’ box on school documents, enthusiastically taking in stories about her great-grandparents from Chihuahua, Mexico, and telling people she is Hispanic every chance she gets.

Orrantia recounts her insecurity of being labeled “not Latina enough” in her Huffington Post blog post, ‘You’re Not Latina!’ She ultimately found her confidence after translating her popular song “Until Then,” into the Spanish version, “Hasta Verte”, which received positive reviews.

Orrantia writes, “Today, I push myself to learn more Spanish because I truly want to speak fluently. […] I live for every Christmas spent with my grandparents where we make our traditional tamales. I cherish my uniquely complicated last name and I will continue to check the box ‘Hispanic’.”

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