Donald Trump Invited Users to Ask Him Anything, But He Only Responded to These Questions

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump invited people to join the Q&A sesh he held using #AskTrump

Credit: @realdonaldtrump / Twitter

The hashtag became a trending topic in the US, because people had a TON of questions.

Credit: Twitter

Naturally, many questions were about his hair.

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Credit: @neoedmund1

Others questioned why he dislikes Mexicans so much.

Credit: @florislay / Twitter

…and immigrants in general.

Credit: @mrsmajessick / Twitter

And why he doesn’t treat them all the same.

Credit: @chescaleigh / Twitter

People also wondered what would happen to his wife, since she’s an immigrant.


Credit: @cocainezayn / Twitter

What about mamá Trump?

Credit: @thediamondtool / Twitter

People wanted to know what would happen to his fabulous clothing line.

Credit: @chescaleigh / Twitter

And the people who work so hard to execute such fine designs.

Credit: @seredoc / Twitter

How about the rest of the hard-working immigrant population?

Credit: @chefjoseandres / Twitter

They were also curious if the Trump could put an end to racism.

Credit: @enajones1 / Twitter

Instead, he answered what he would do during his first day in office.

Credit: @realdonaldtrump / Twitter

He replied to a question about the Dallas Cowboys.

Credit: @realdonaldtrump / Twitter

And another football question.

Credit: @realdonaldtrump / Twitter

Really, Donald?

Credit: CNN / Tumblr

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