Donald Trump Invited Users to Ask Him Anything, But He Only Responded to These Questions

Credit: @realdonaldtrump / Twitter

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump invited people to join the Q&A sesh he held using #AskTrump

Credit: @realdonaldtrump / Twitter

The hashtag became a trending topic in the US, because people had a TON of questions.

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Naturally, many questions were about his hair.

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Others questioned why he dislikes Mexicans so much.

Credit: @florislay / Twitter

…and immigrants in general.

Credit: @mrsmajessick / Twitter

And why he doesn’t treat them all the same.

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People also wondered what would happen to his wife, since she’s an immigrant.


Credit: @cocainezayn / Twitter

What about mamá Trump?

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People wanted to know what would happen to his fabulous clothing line.

Credit: @chescaleigh / Twitter

And the people who work so hard to execute such fine designs.

Credit: @seredoc / Twitter

How about the rest of the hard-working immigrant population?

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They were also curious if the Trump could put an end to racism.

Credit: @enajones1 / Twitter

Instead, he answered what he would do during his first day in office.

Credit: @realdonaldtrump / Twitter

He replied to a question about the Dallas Cowboys.

Credit: @realdonaldtrump / Twitter

And another football question.

Credit: @realdonaldtrump / Twitter

Really, Donald?

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José Mujica's 47-Second Speech May Change the Way You Think about Life

things that matter

José Mujica’s 47-Second Speech May Change the Way You Think about Life


Credit: Fernando Castillo / Human / YouTube

“We invented a mountain of superfluous needs.”

Uruguayan president José Mujica needs less than a minute to break down what he believes is wrong with modern society. Mujica is the farmer-turned-revolutionary who became president of Uruguay in 2010. He was dubbed “poorest president in the world” when he declined to live in Uruguay’s presidential palace and used a beat-up 1987 Volkswagen Beetle as his transportation.

The clip of Mujica comes from Human, a documentary by French filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand that collected thousands of interviews from people in 60 countries.

Arthus-Bertrand: “I dreamed of a film in which the power of words would resonate with the beauty of the world. The movie relates the voices of all those, men and women, who entrusted me with their stories. And it becomes their messenger.”

Watch an extended clip of Mujica here:

Credit: Human the movie / YouTube

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