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Dinner Time at a Latino Family is Anything But Peaceful

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Dinner is supposed to be a pleasant time when you sit down with your family and catch up on each others day…unless you are in a Latino family.

“Ven y ayúdame en la cocina”.

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Like a really hard day, but ma never cares.

And what’s the point in helping her in the kitchen? The way you do things never lives up to her standards.

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Me: How’s this?

Mami: That’s too thick, mijo. Just go set the table and let me fix this porquería.

Me: I give up.

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*Crunch Crunch Smack Crunch Slurp*

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Because without fail, someone at the damn table didn’t know how to chew with their mouth shut and somehow you always sat next to them.

Mom ALWAYS yells at us to stop fighting. tumblr_nc05vaw0UV1rvhqlvo1_1280

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Doesn’t that only add to the bickering? ?

Someone’s always asking if you’re going to finish that.

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And mom never let you move “until you finish everything in front of you.”

Porque es pecado tirar la comida… But does eating all this make me a better person?

“Bueno, if you don’t like the meal I spent all day slaving over, just go to bed hungry.” – Mami

And there was none of that we’ll-just-order-something nonsense. You eat what your served or nothing at all because “this isn’t a restaurant.”

“¿Qué pasó, pendeja? I told you exactly what to do.”

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Mom never has chill when you make a mistake in the kitchen.

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The worst part was always…

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You even shattered a few plates just so you didn’t have to wash them.

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From A Young Dominican Pelotero To A Boston Red Sox Legend


From A Young Dominican Pelotero To A Boston Red Sox Legend

Win McNamee / Getty

Boston Red Sox star David “Big Papi” Ortiz recently announced that he will retire after the 2016 Major League Baseball Season. The Dominican pelotero, who began his career in Minnesota but became a icon with the Red Sox, announced the decision on his 40th birthday. When he retires, Ortiz will complete his 20th MLB season.

In a video for The Player’s Tribune, Ortiz let fans know how he wanted to be remembered.

Credit: The Player’s Tribune/ YouTube

“I would like people to remember me as a guy that was just part of the family. A guy that was trying to do the best, not only on the field, with everyone around him. Baseball is not just based on putting up numbers. This is our second family,” said Ortiz.

He’s got a point. There’s plenty of reasons why we’ll miss Big Papi, and they have nothing to do with stats or titles.


Credit: WackyClips247 / YouTube

Boston needed a pick-me-up, and Big Papi only needed a few words to do it.

There was the time he presented President Obama with a Red Sox jersey after they won the World Series… and then asked for a selfie.

Credit: The Daily Conversation / YouTube

“Got ’em!”

There was also the time he went around hugging New Yorkers because he was tired of being booed by Yankees fans.

Credit: MLBFanCave / YouTube

At first he was met with skeptical looks but eventually, no one could resist Big Papi’s charm.

And who can forget when he was ejected from a game for racking up three hits… on an unsuspecting phone.

Credit: MLB / YouTube

Don’t worry, the phone survived.

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There was the time he showed off his fancy footwork…

Credit: Carlos Baez Valenzuela / YouTube

OK, more like booty work.

There was also the time he sang a duet (about iced coffee) with fellow New England sports star Rob Gronkowski.

Credit: Dunkin Donuts / YouTube

They both kept their day jobs.

And of course, his stops at first base were always entertaining.

Credit: MLB /

We’ll miss you, Big Papi.


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