One Of The World’s Top Recording Artists Reveals She’s Latina, Not Irish Like Everyone Thought

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“My grandfather made up the name Carey when he came to America to be more accepted, I guess.”

That’s right. In case you didn’t know, Mariah Carey is totally one of us. Old interview footage was recently posted by a Mariah Carey YouTube fan page, MariahRaw. The interview revealed that the world-renowned singer, with the highest high note ever heard (not really), isn’t really who we think she is.

Carey let us in on a little known secret, her real last name would’ve been Nuñez BUT her grandfather, out of fear of discrimination, changed his last name to Carey. Interestingly, as she points out, Carey is an Irish last name and during that time the Irish were facing their own discrimination problems. Seems like Mariah’s grandfather should have done a little more research before picking his new, last name.

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Innocent Latino Shot “Execution Style” By US Marshals

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Innocent Latino Shot “Execution Style” By US Marshals

edgar alvarado marshals

Edgar Alvarado, a 23-year-old, was shot to death after U.S. marshals mistakenly raided his home in New Mexico.

“It’s almost inexplicable, but we have evidence … that Edgar was dragged from the house, after having been struck multiple times, taken outside, given commands to give up a weapon, as he’s gurgling and flailing his arms, and shot a fourth time. Almost what you would call ‘execution style,” said the family’s attorney, Robert Gorence, at a news conference.

While his family and other witnesses say Alvarado was shot a fourth time as he was unable to follow the officer’s commands, the New Mexico Police says they’re investigating the shooting as a “confrontation.”

The victim’s cousin, Perla Alvarado stated, “They said they had made a mistake because he was out there at the wrong time. No such mistake by killing somebody. There’s no accident.”

Read more about the shooting from The Albuquerque Journal here.

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