Did You Accomplish Your 2016 Resolutions? If Not, These Memes Will Make You Laugh About It

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Every year we try to better ourselves, which is why we come up with new years resolutions. But maybe your 2016 resolutions didn’t really turn out exactly how you wanted them to. Time to be honest about these 2016 resolution expectations VS. reality. ???

You told yourself you were going to start a diet, go to the gym every single day and lose 30 pounds by the end of the year!

But let’s be real…


It’s like you had jinxed yourself by trying to make super good resolutions.

Even your grandma knew you were kidding yourself.


One plate? More like one plate plus seven.

And this is what it came down to at every family gathering:


You already knew you weren’t losing any weight and you didn’t need anyone else reminding you about it.

You probably also made it a new years resolution to eat more healthy. You know, meal prep every week, no more junk food and fatty snacks, instead more fruits and vegetables.

But in reality, it went a little something like this…


More greens? No problem!

At least you took your doctor’s nutrition advice seriously right?


Okay, maybe you cheated your way around it.

Somehow you had to convince yourself that you were eating healthy.


It’s not like you weren’t eating any greens at all.

I mean at least you were trying.


It’s considered a diet if you order a DIET coke right??

You even made the resolution to drink less alcohol. Less beers and margaritas, more water and tea. Less bars and clubs, more hiking and swimming.

But that quickly backlashed…


Just one little shot.

You THOUGHT you were making progress.


Just ONE.

But every time you went out, it was the same thing:


Yeah right you weren’t drinking. HA.

You also made it your goal to save money this year. It was time to really cut down on unnecessary spending and save up.



Oh si eyeliner on fleek, pero comiendo sopa de maruchan.

All year you just kept convincing yourself that you deserved to spend a little money on yourself.


Your bank account was like “no mames. Ya parale.”

And now you’re like:


But who told you to go on 500 “treat yo self” shopping sprees?

So if anyone asks about how you’re doing with money, your response is:


Broke AF.

For 2016 you also made it a resolution to work on your love life. It was time to get out there, meet new people and go out on more dates.

And this is how that resolution turned out…


Love life my a**. ?

This is what your summer romance turned out to be:



So at every family party, it was the saaaaame question:


So. Annoying.

Entering 2016, you also told yourself you would stop crying over stupid boys. They’re just not worth it.

With the support of your friends, you thought you totally had this under control.



But in reality you were like:


So much for moving on.

In efforts of trying to be a better son or daughter, you also thought it would be a nice resolution to help your parents out more often with whatever they needed. They deserve it after everything they’ve done for you right?

But then you got lazy.?


Limpiar?? Ehhhhh…no thanks.

Even something as small as helping wash the dishes seemed impossible.


Please, no.

For 2016 you also told yourself you would stay away from gossip- to only focus on yourself and not other people’s business.

But as soon as you heard some gossip, you were like:


Um did you say chisme?

Like what’s a good conversation without juicy chisme?


It was like a giant conference meeting you couldn’t wait to go to.

You just couldn’t stay away from it ?


Especially if your friend had screenshots, you for sure knew the chisme was going to be good.?

Overall, your new years resolution for 2016 was to get your life together. In your mom’s words, “Ponte las pilas!” So no more being lazy. It was time to hustle hard and get sh*t done.

But that didn’t exactly work out…


Pilas nowhere to be found.

2016 didn’t work out at all.


Worst year ever.

So all throughout 2016 it was the same old crap…


But it’s okay, there’s always next year right?

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What happened with your 2016 resolutions? Let’s be honest. Comment and hit the share button below!

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You'll Either Recognize These New Year's Eve Superstitions Or Think They're Super Strange


You’ll Either Recognize These New Year’s Eve Superstitions Or Think They’re Super Strange

Credit: @butik.a.domicilio / Instagram

Here are some Latino superstitions that are “guaranteed” to bring you luck in 2017.

First off, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing either red or yellow underwear.

That’s if you want a year of love and fortune. ❤️?

Before any family comes over to your house, get yourself a new broom and sweep the entire house.


This is to sweep away all of the bad and the old, giving you a fresh and clean start into the new year.

Actually, you have to clean the ENTIRE house.


If you want good luck entering the new year, having the house spotless is super important. It’s all about cleaning out every last bit of the evil that might be lingering.

Cleaning the house includes doing ALL of your laundry before the new year.


Clean and new clothes are a MUST. Having dirty clothes laying around or wearing something old and used on New Year’s Eve is said to bring bad luck.

Right when the clock hits midnight, gobble down 12 grapes.

credit: giphy

Some believe that eating the 12 grapes is for the purpose of being able to make 12 wishes for the new year. Others think the 12 grapes will bring you luck for every month of the year.

Once you’re done eating those grapes, make sure to grab your biggest suitcase and head outside!

You can either spin around in circles with your suitcase or take it outside and go for a run around the block. This is said to bring you a year of travel. ✈️?

Also, make sure you have some coins or dollar bills in your hands.


It is believed that if you are broke on the night of New Years, then you will be broke for the entire year.

If there is a chair or couch nearby, don’t forget to sit down and stand up three times at midnight.


Good luck superstition? Or squats?

But if you skip all of this and fall asleep before midnight, then it is said that the new year will go by really fast for you.


Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad.

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What else do you do on New Years Eve? Comment and hit the share button below!