Did You Accomplish Your 2016 Resolutions? If Not, These Memes Will Make You Laugh About It

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Every year we try to better ourselves, which is why we come up with new years resolutions. But maybe your 2016 resolutions didn’t really turn out exactly how you wanted them to. Time to be honest about these 2016 resolution expectations VS. reality. ???

You told yourself you were going to start a diet, go to the gym every single day and lose 30 pounds by the end of the year!

But let’s be real…


It’s like you had jinxed yourself by trying to make super good resolutions.

Even your grandma knew you were kidding yourself.


One plate? More like one plate plus seven.

And this is what it came down to at every family gathering:


You already knew you weren’t losing any weight and you didn’t need anyone else reminding you about it.

You probably also made it a new years resolution to eat more healthy. You know, meal prep every week, no more junk food and fatty snacks, instead more fruits and vegetables.

But in reality, it went a little something like this…


More greens? No problem!

At least you took your doctor’s nutrition advice seriously right?


Okay, maybe you cheated your way around it.

Somehow you had to convince yourself that you were eating healthy.


It’s not like you weren’t eating any greens at all.

I mean at least you were trying.


It’s considered a diet if you order a DIET coke right??

You even made the resolution to drink less alcohol. Less beers and margaritas, more water and tea. Less bars and clubs, more hiking and swimming.

But that quickly backlashed…


Just one little shot.

You THOUGHT you were making progress.


Just ONE.

But every time you went out, it was the same thing:


Yeah right you weren’t drinking. HA.

You also made it your goal to save money this year. It was time to really cut down on unnecessary spending and save up.



Oh si eyeliner on fleek, pero comiendo sopa de maruchan.

All year you just kept convincing yourself that you deserved to spend a little money on yourself.


Your bank account was like “no mames. Ya parale.”

And now you’re like:


But who told you to go on 500 “treat yo self” shopping sprees?

So if anyone asks about how you’re doing with money, your response is:


Broke AF.

For 2016 you also made it a resolution to work on your love life. It was time to get out there, meet new people and go out on more dates.

And this is how that resolution turned out…


Love life my a**. ?

This is what your summer romance turned out to be:



So at every family party, it was the saaaaame question:


So. Annoying.

Entering 2016, you also told yourself you would stop crying over stupid boys. They’re just not worth it.

With the support of your friends, you thought you totally had this under control.



But in reality you were like:


So much for moving on.

In efforts of trying to be a better son or daughter, you also thought it would be a nice resolution to help your parents out more often with whatever they needed. They deserve it after everything they’ve done for you right?

But then you got lazy.?


Limpiar?? Ehhhhh…no thanks.

Even something as small as helping wash the dishes seemed impossible.


Please, no.

For 2016 you also told yourself you would stay away from gossip- to only focus on yourself and not other people’s business.

But as soon as you heard some gossip, you were like:


Um did you say chisme?

Like what’s a good conversation without juicy chisme?


It was like a giant conference meeting you couldn’t wait to go to.

You just couldn’t stay away from it ?


Especially if your friend had screenshots, you for sure knew the chisme was going to be good.?

Overall, your new years resolution for 2016 was to get your life together. In your mom’s words, “Ponte las pilas!” So no more being lazy. It was time to hustle hard and get sh*t done.

But that didn’t exactly work out…


Pilas nowhere to be found.

2016 didn’t work out at all.


Worst year ever.

So all throughout 2016 it was the same old crap…


But it’s okay, there’s always next year right?

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What happened with your 2016 resolutions? Let’s be honest. Comment and hit the share button below!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Created His Own ‘Meet My Dad’ Meme To Give A Shout Out To His Father


Lin-Manuel Miranda Created His Own ‘Meet My Dad’ Meme To Give A Shout Out To His Father

@Lin_Manuel / Twitter

On March 28, college student Collin Hayslett from Ohio tweeted that he was proud of his dad for launching into a whole new career world. Cute, right? Well, his intention was lovely. However, the tweet turned into a viral meme and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s take is so much better tha even Hayslett could have hoped for.

Here’s the tweet that went viral and started the “meet my dad” meme.

The tweet, which has been liked more than 300,000 times, took off not only because his dad is hot, but also because others wanted to give props to their own dads.

People started using the #meetmydad hashtag to promote their own cool dads who do it all. One of those people was a very familiar person.

Lin-Manuel Miranda took this opportunity to brag about his own dad.

“I’ve been training all my life for this meme okay goodbye,” Lin tweeted.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lin’s dad, Luis A. Miranda, Jr. isn’t starting a modeling career, but has a stellar career of his own.

He is the Managing Partner of The MirRam Group and has served in three New York City mayoral administrations. He is also the founder and former President of the Hispanic Federation. Not too shabby. No wonder Lin is so proud of his dad.

Lin’s dad wanted to return the compliment by highlighting his own “meet my dad” tweet.

This is so cute! We love that he used the most silly pictures of Lin. They must have a really special father/son relationship.

@starksgoatee tweeted, “This is peak family goals right here.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Lin also tweeted that his dad said, “My dad on the phone just now: ‘did you see my mimeh?'” Mimeh! LOL!!

People kept the meme going by giving love to all kinds of celebrity daddies, like Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Honestly, who hasn’t already fallen in love with Lin-Manuel Miranda? He is the most chill and loveable daddy in entertainment today. That isn’t an exaggeration and the collective love people have for him is proof that we cannot get enough of him.

Of course, someone gave Pitbull a lot of love.

Mr. Worldwide has definitely reached all of his dreams with his wildly successful career. He has taken his music and Cuban culture to every corner of the planet and continues to do things to help his community. He has built schools and donated money for so many causes definitely getting him to that daddy level.

Even William Levy got some love during the “meet my dad” challenge.

Levy is a certifiable zaddy. No doubt about that. He is one man who has kept men and women drooling for decades since he started in telenovelas. Just one look in his eyes and it is so hard not to get lost forever.

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This Elote Looks A Little Bit Like Something Else And Now We Can’t Unsee It


This Elote Looks A Little Bit Like Something Else And Now We Can’t Unsee It

Hi mitú fam!

One of the best parts about having this platform has been being able to interact with followers like you. You’re inspiring, you’re conscious, you’re hustlers, you’re smart and very, very funny. So, we wanted to make sure that you saw yourselves more in our content. We asked you to submit funny videos you wanted memed on our platform and we’ve picked our top 15. See if you made the list!

Don’t forget to continue submitting your videos if you want to be featured next week.

When your mom says you’re not allowed to eat more pan dulce.

Featuring: @adi_lene02

Don’t get between a Latina and her pan dulce. And speaking of pan dulce, have you tried pan dulce and ice cream together? If you haven’t, be sure to hit up Horchatería in L.A. It’s actually mind blowing.

Si saben como me pongo, ¿pa qué me invitan?

Featuring: @sallypea

This little dude has moves that can only be truly appreciated at quinceaneras and bautizos. He doesn’t follow the dance that every other kid is doing. He follows the beat of his own drum.

A la Junaga.

Featuring: @geraldalocks

We knew this was going to give La Caída de Edgar a run for his money. But we have to admit that right before the fall, this was probably some of the best moves we’ve seen since JuanGa days — actually including the fall.

No, we’re not getting a pet.

Featuring: @ccdelcid

A tale as old as time: Latinos parents will say that they don’t want any pets in the house but the moment you adopt one, they immediately fall in love with it and the pet instantly becomes the favorite child. Spoiler alert: Latino dads are actually soft AF on the inside.

Umm… my elote looks a little bit like something else.

Featuring: @charmingman1121

When you’ve been celibate for a long time and everything around you starts looking like something else. In case you’re in the mood, here are some Latino songs about food that are actually about sexy time.

We all have that one tía.

Featuring: @jasmincausorfilms

I don’t care how much the dress cost. I don’t care if we have guests around. If there’s cake around you best believe someone’s getting their face smashed into it. Also, shoutout to this person because you look like the life of every party and deserve an invitation to every party.

Let’s get avo-control.

Featuring: @periwinklesash

Move over, David Getta. Move over, Test. Move over, Calvin Harris. There’s a new DJ that should be headlining in Vegas and it’s the one and only Guacardo. If you want to get your own Guacardo DJ, click here and use the code SPRING15 for 15% off your entire purchase at checkout.

When she tells you she likes musicians.

Featuring: @jicaaa

Not everybody was born musically talented, but just how the saying goes: fake it till you make it. Even if it means taking a pozole cucharón and using it as your instrument.

Tell me what that mouth do.

Featuring: @lucy24garcia

What they don’t tell you is that taking Jell-O shots is actually harder than taking regular shots. Speaking of shots, if you want a shot glass set that speaks to who you are, be sure to get this season’s Barrio Box which includes these shot glasses and many other goodies.

People for the ethical treatment of pasteles.

Featuring: @priscigl

I think it’s a fact that cake has never actually been eaten at Latino parties. RIP all of the fallen cakes. Y’all were beautiful and I’m sure delicious and I’m so sorry my people have been treating you this way.

Who taught Slender Man how to dance corridos?

Featuring: @roberto_valadez_97

This video is both creepy and funny and all I can picture is what other people at the store were thinking. Keep it up, Slender Man, dance to whatever music your heart desires.

I can already see the chancla flying.

Featuring: @yamilleteflores

Ouch! And I’m not talking about the wall. You know someone got a chanclazo after this video was taken. We cannot confirm nor deny that the kid is okay.

Why did you do this, Sofia??

Featuring: @kristalcastles

Honestly, Sofia was just looking out for y’all. She’s the true protector of the house. The smile at the end has me dying. If you want to reward your pooch with a poncho, click here.

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