Did You Accomplish Your 2016 Resolutions? If Not, These Memes Will Make You Laugh About It

Every year we try to better ourselves, which is why we come up with new years resolutions. But maybe your 2016 resolutions didn’t really turn out exactly how you wanted them to. Time to be honest about these 2016 resolution expectations VS. reality. ???

You told yourself you were going to start a diet, go to the gym every single day and lose 30 pounds by the end of the year!

But let’s be real…


It’s like you had jinxed yourself by trying to make super good resolutions.

Even your grandma knew you were kidding yourself.


One plate? More like one plate plus seven.

And this is what it came down to at every family gathering:


You already knew you weren’t losing any weight and you didn’t need anyone else reminding you about it.

You probably also made it a new years resolution to eat more healthy. You know, meal prep every week, no more junk food and fatty snacks, instead more fruits and vegetables.

But in reality, it went a little something like this…


More greens? No problem!

At least you took your doctor’s nutrition advice seriously right?


Okay, maybe you cheated your way around it.

Somehow you had to convince yourself that you were eating healthy.


It’s not like you weren’t eating any greens at all.

I mean at least you were trying.


It’s considered a diet if you order a DIET coke right??

You even made the resolution to drink less alcohol. Less beers and margaritas, more water and tea. Less bars and clubs, more hiking and swimming.

But that quickly backlashed…


Just one little shot.

You THOUGHT you were making progress.


Just ONE.

But every time you went out, it was the same thing:


Yeah right you weren’t drinking. HA.

You also made it your goal to save money this year. It was time to really cut down on unnecessary spending and save up.



Oh si eyeliner on fleek, pero comiendo sopa de maruchan.

All year you just kept convincing yourself that you deserved to spend a little money on yourself.


Your bank account was like “no mames. Ya parale.”

And now you’re like:


But who told you to go on 500 “treat yo self” shopping sprees?

So if anyone asks about how you’re doing with money, your response is:


Broke AF.

For 2016 you also made it a resolution to work on your love life. It was time to get out there, meet new people and go out on more dates.

And this is how that resolution turned out…


Love life my a**. ?

This is what your summer romance turned out to be:



So at every family party, it was the saaaaame question:


So. Annoying.

Entering 2016, you also told yourself you would stop crying over stupid boys. They’re just not worth it.

With the support of your friends, you thought you totally had this under control.



But in reality you were like:


So much for moving on.

In efforts of trying to be a better son or daughter, you also thought it would be a nice resolution to help your parents out more often with whatever they needed. They deserve it after everything they’ve done for you right?

But then you got lazy.?


Limpiar?? Ehhhhh…no thanks.

Even something as small as helping wash the dishes seemed impossible.


Please, no.

For 2016 you also told yourself you would stay away from gossip- to only focus on yourself and not other people’s business.

But as soon as you heard some gossip, you were like:


Um did you say chisme?

Like what’s a good conversation without juicy chisme?


It was like a giant conference meeting you couldn’t wait to go to.

You just couldn’t stay away from it ?


Especially if your friend had screenshots, you for sure knew the chisme was going to be good.?

Overall, your new years resolution for 2016 was to get your life together. In your mom’s words, “Ponte las pilas!” So no more being lazy. It was time to hustle hard and get sh*t done.

But that didn’t exactly work out…


Pilas nowhere to be found.

2016 didn’t work out at all.


Worst year ever.

So all throughout 2016 it was the same old crap…


But it’s okay, there’s always next year right?

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What happened with your 2016 resolutions? Let’s be honest. Comment and hit the share button below!

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The Internet Is Showing Its Love For Bad Bunny For Helping Us Get Through 2020 With These Incredible Memes


The Internet Is Showing Its Love For Bad Bunny For Helping Us Get Through 2020 With These Incredible Memes

Badbunnypr / Instagram

It’s a simple fact: 2020 is the Year of Bad Bunny. El Conejo Malo has been everywhere – from epic SNL skits and moving performances on late night TV to the Billboard Hot 200 chart. And he’s been making history in the process.

Millions of fans have been stanning Bad Bunny so hard this year and it’s about time the reggaetónero from Puerto Rico gets the recognition he’s long deserved. And what does the Internet do when it wants to give that recognition? Well, it makes memes of course!

Here is a round up of some of the very best Bad Bunny memes that exist on the world wide webs:

Tell me where the lie is!

Hit after hit, bop after bop, Bad Bunny has delivered consecutive hits and I am here for each and every one of them. From ‘RLNDT’ and ‘NI BIEN NI MAL’ from X 100PRE to ‘Yo Perreo Sola’ and ‘Ignorantes’ on YHLQMDLG, Bad Bunny has given us not one but two albums of the summer.


The song that launched a meme challenge!

From shocked abuelas and tías to disapproving mothers, ‘Safaera’ has turned into a viral hit – and it’s 100% a song that I can’t wait to dance to once we can hit the clubs once again.

I feel this all the way.

Tell me I’m lying!

Bad Bunny has taken 2020 by storm – and I stan so hard.

With all that’s going on in the world and with so many of us under stay-at-home orders, this meme couldn’t speak a louder truth. Bad Bunny has steamrolled society with not one but two albums in the span of a couple of months. But society is ready for it.

Pretty sure that if Bad Bunny so much as breathes, we all feel it.

I feel connected to him on a special level – he speaks to so many of us in so many ways that this meme might as well be true.

Have you not done this?

Yup, totally been here. Phone call from abuela? Not answering. Slack chat from boss? Ignore. Text from mom? Not replying.

Nothing comes between me and my YHLQMDLG listening time.

The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity in all of its glory: X 100PRE, Oasis, and YHLQMDLG. Though how it will look once we add in Las Que No Iban A Salir?!

People need to show some respect!

Yes, that’ all I’m asking for! A moment of respect. Please!

Bad Bunny is helping to heal the world – or at least holds me tight in those scary moments.

And this couldn’t be any more real! With so much going on in the world and all of the uncertainty, Bad Bunny has provided that much-needed comfort blanket that has held me close in all of these crises.

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This Racist ‘How’s My Form?’ TikTok Is Getting Teens Expelled From School Even Though They’re In Quarantine

Things That Matter

This Racist ‘How’s My Form?’ TikTok Is Getting Teens Expelled From School Even Though They’re In Quarantine

@Manal_nala / Instagram

Just when we thought racist promposals were over, TikTok’s latest challenge has come to put a damper on our day.

Despite being kept inside, high school students are still finding ways to get into trouble with their schools, enough to the point of being expelled. Recently a new trend on TikTok has seen teens leaning on racist tropes to gain popularity through a meme called “how’s my form?”

According to Daily Dot, two students so far have been expelled from school during this time thanks to their careless actions.

Last week, a YouTube user complied four minutes worth of TikToks following the trend and put it all into a video. Sadly, the clips are latent with harmful stereotypes. They also use the song “Yoga” by New York City rapper 645AR and end with the question, “How’s my form?”

One TikTok user created a video of one user asking Asians to rate his “form” on eating a bat. The video clearly backs the xenophobic and racist mindset that the coronavirus outbreak comes from people who are Asian.

Recently, one hero of a dad took his daughter to task for participating in. the racist trend.

After making a video mocking Black people and the Three-fifths Compromise, which gave a disproportionate representation of slave states in the House of Representatives until the American Civil War, a teen’s dad forced her to apologize to users online.

Sitting next to her father, who told users he did not condone racism in his house she explained “I didn’t mean for it to come off as racist even though, considering the context of it—I didn’t mean it like that,” the teen said tearfully in the clip. “I was just doing a TikTok trend, and my actions aren’t OK.”

Way to go, Papa.

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