Diane Guerrero Is On A Mission To Stop Trump

In this very short but sweet (yet firm) PSA by EMILY’S List, Diane Guerrero along with Erika Alexander, Zoë Kravitz, Amber Tamblyn, Maura Tierney and Kate Greer say it plain and simple: #WomenCanStopTrump!

These women remind us that Trump wants to not only ban abortion but punish women who have one, overturn Roe v. Wade by appointing conservative supreme court justices and calls women “bimbos, dogs and fat pigs.”


We couldn’t agree more Diane.

If you’re down with the #WomenCanStopTrump movement, visit WomenCanStopTrump.com, share this video and most importantly, vote on November 8. It’s the only way to stop Trump!

Who’s is with her?


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