This Interviewer Decided To Put Demi Lovato In The Hot Seat About Her Mexican-ness

Demi Lovato was in Mexico City for her Future Now tour when she decided to sit down with Sofía Martínez Lujambio. The interview was your usual kind of celebrity interview. Lujambio asked her what her favorite food was at a fast food chain (burgers and fries!), her best friend (tía Lisa for the win) and something she wants to do (skydiving, yikes!).

Things got interesting when she was put to the test to see how Mexican Lovato truly is.

Credit: Sofia Martinez Lujambio / YouTube

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking… ?

First, she was asked to recite a trabalenguas (tongue twister). Much to everyone’s surprise, she kinda nailed it.

Credit: Sofia Martinez Lujambio / YouTube

Alright Demi, we see you.

Then she was asked to pick between these two telenovela stars:

Credit: Instagram

In the questioning, she was given photos of Mexican celebrities and was forced to choose between Sebastián Rulli and Gabriel Soto as her fantasy telenovela costar. Lovato came through and totally picked Rulli.

Looks like her dream costar is open to working with her.

Good call, Demi. Good call.

The interview then switched gears into more something more serious when she was asked what advice she gives to young women who are struggling the same way she did.

Credit: pacewithblog

And she offered amazing advice. Way to save this interview, Demi.

Watch the entire interview below:

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