These Things Define True Happiness for Latinos

It’s the simple moments in life that we all live for like…

When “Ginza” comes on in the grocery store and you’re like…

Credit: Fiercegifs / Tumblr

Suddenly you’ve forgotten all your troubles…along with the milk.

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Burning up the dance floor with a beautiful stranger.

Credit: dope-mag / Tumblr

May I have another dance…or shall we just elope?

A plate full of tacos.

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Just meat, onions, cilantro, jalapeños, lime and salsa. No fancy fusion funk thank you very much.

A cold cerveza after a workout.


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Time to “hydrate” and replenish those calories.

Dressing to kill.


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And when strangers compliment you, it’s like the best feeling eeever.

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Opening a perfectly ripe avocado.

Credit: @avocadosfrommexio / Instagram

In that perfectly sweet spot between hard and rotten that seems to last about an hour.

Digging out the last of the Pelo Tamarindo with your fingers like when you were 4.


Credit: @karymorak / Instagram

Spicy, sticky orange high five!


Credit: howdoiputthisdisney / Tumblr

¡Realeza por un día!

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Partying until the sun comes up.


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There goes the paycheck.

…and of course menudo the morning after.

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Is there anything it can’t cure?!

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