9 Memes that are Too Real for Mexicans During the Holidays

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There’s so much more to December than just Christmas…

Posada Season


December is all about posadas, which means it comes with all this…

Suéter Season

Sueter Season

Worst time of the year for #OOTDs.

Vicks Season


Because this is the remedy to everything according to mom.

Caldo Season


If you live with mom you’ll be eating this all winter long.

Pozole Season


Pozole for dinner y recalentado the next morning.

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Tamal Season


Mom, las tías y abuelita make hoyas full of them. They last all the way through día de los reyes. Which causes you to end up with…

Tamal BODY Season

Tamale Season Body

All good. That’s what New Years resolutions are for.

Te Ves Más Gordita Season


Nothing makes you resent your family members like hearing them say this.

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Cobija (San Marcos) Season


Who needs an s/o to keep you warm when you have Marquitos.

Novio Season


Tías metiches, ¿qué les importa?

¿Y Mi Abrazo? Season


The worst. You dread going to family holiday parties. Creep!

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