Here’s What Latinos Want from the Next President – It’s Not Immigration Reform

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Latinos Plead to the Next President

We, Latinos, are a driving force for what happens in this country. We might be treated as minorities, but we’re a majority. And as such, our needs as part of the population should be addressed by our government. So, Dear Future President, this is what we want…access to information, access to healthcare, access to education.

mitú challenges you to share your own story in a social media post, a meme, or any way you feel most comfortable, and post it on your favorite social channel using #WeAreAmerica. Together, we will create a beautiful portrait of what it means to be Latino in the US.

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If you had one thing to ask the future president of the United States, what would it be?

Watch the Tense Trailer for 'Embrace of the Serpent,' Colombia's Oscar-Nominated Film


Watch the Tense Trailer for ‘Embrace of the Serpent,’ Colombia’s Oscar-Nominated Film

Credit: TIFF Trailers / YouTube

“You brought the devil to the community!”

What happens when the land you called home has been pillaged by colonialists? And what happens when you’re the last one left? Here’s your answer

Embrace of the Serpent follows Karamakate, a shaman from the Amazon who is the last survivor of his indigenous tribe. In 1909, after becoming friends with a German scientist-explorer named Theodor Koch-Grunberg, the two set off in search of Yakruna, a rare psychedelic plant. Years later, Karamakate takes American scientist Richard Evans Schultes on a similar search.

Embrace of the Serpent, an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language film, follows the parallel stories of Karamakate’s journeys with Koch-Grunberg and Evans Schultes.

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